7 Days Coastal Tour from Marrakech


Marrakech – Essaouira – Safi – Oualidia – Casablanca – Rabat – Asilah – Tangier.


The 7 days coastal tour begins from Marrakech and then proceeds to the beautiful Atlantic coast of Morocco. Though Marrakech isn’t a coastal city, starting our journey from Marrakech is very convenient, especially since it has an international airport. Also, traveling from the Red City to the coasts of Essaouira is beautiful to drive that offers mountain views and argan tree fields.  In fact, the windy city Essaouira is usually linked to Marrakech as its sister city because both cities are tied together culturally. 

Next, our 7 days Morocco tour continues to the most modern cosmopolitan cities Casablanca and Rabat, where life is much busier than in other relaxed coastal towns. Afterward, we are heading further north to the quaint town of Asilah and finishing our journey in Tangier where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea.  All in all, this trip is a must if you’re into the beauty of the ocean and lover of fresh seafood. 

In conclusion, this Journey across the coasts of Morocco lets you experience the beauty of Morocco coastal cities along the locals’ way of life. The tour comprises all the exciting coastal cities, the modern and classical ones. The journey features scenic coastal road drives, beach strolls, climbing on top of the ramparts, walking narrow passageways of ancient towns, and having fresh seafood, just to mention a few of the activities. 

Tour Highlights

  • Scenic road drives and spectacular landscape.
  • Climbing on top of the ramparts and fortresses overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Eating fresh food in Essaouira.
  • Visiting Oualidia and tasting delicious oysters.
  • Visiting Hassan II Mosque and its minaret.
  • Exploring ancient Medinas and their trodden streets.

Additional information:

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Good to know

The 7 days coastal Morocco tour from Marrakech doesn’t necessarily have to strictly follow the path we laid down here. In other words, you can customize your 7 days tour from Marrakech the way you want it. If you have any suggestions, we’re happy to include them in the itinerary.  Also, if you’re not very familiar with Morocco, feel free to contact us so we can help you. Our customer service is super-friendly and always ready to hear from you as well as help you make your decisions. 


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Day 1: Marrakech to Essaouira

After breakfast in Marrakech, we will pick you up at your accommodations in an air-conditioned private vehicle. Ride to the port city Essaouira is very scenic and will take us approximately three hours. If we're lucky we'll see tree-climbing goats grazing for argan fruit in the trees on our way. We will stop by at an argan oil cooperative to see how this precious oil is extracted from the fruit. Upon arrival in Essaouira we will start exploring the town, especially the medina. Surrounded by dramatic ramparts beaten by the waves, the Medina of Essaouira has an incredible adventure in store for visitors. Narrow streets, vibrant souks, active street vendors, galleries, cafés and restaurants, cultural diversity, all are characteristic of this charming coastal town formely known as Mogador. This is a beautiful place to visit.
We will see Skala de la Kasbah along the coast before going to have fresh seafood for lunch. In the afternoon, we will visit other attractions, including Sqala, Sidi Mohammed ben Abdallah Museum, the mellah (old Jewish quarter), and the port. In the evening you can have a stroll on the beach. We will be spending night in the city.

Day 2: Essaouira to Safi

We'll have breakfast and then take a scenic road drive towards the city of Safi. It is a two-hour drive with spectacular views on the Atlantic Ocean. When we arrive, you will be impressed by this ancient town. We start with a visit to the ruins of Portuguese Cathedral and the Great Mosque. Then we tour the walled medieval medina and its vibrant souk. The market is lined with restaurants and cafés serving seafood. It is no surprise that the city is a major port for Morocco sardine industry. We will have lunch here.
In the afternoon we'll visit Potters' Hill, also known as Colline des Potiers. The bulk of Moroccan pottery gets produced in these workshops and you will get to learn about the ancient techniques craftsmen use to manufacture their unique items the place is famous for. From here we will head to the Qasr aI-Bahr, the ruins of an old castle with splendid vistas on the impossibly blue Atlantic Ocean. You will get a good view of the waves crashing right against these ruins.
In the evening we will go acquaint ourselves with the Kechla, a massive Portuguese citadel. Its ramps, gardens, and gunnery platforms are major attractions of the site. We will finish the day off with a visit to Ksar el-Bahr and then have a stroll on the beach to see a beautiful sunset. We will overnight in Safi.

Day 3: Safi - Oualidia

After breakfast in the morning, we will take another road trip. Our destination is the village of Oualidia. The hilly route offers up a breathtaking mountainous landscape as we drive to the coastal city. Oualidia is a fishing and holiday destination. The town overlooks some of the most beautiful natural lagoons you can find along Morocco’s coastline. We will start by visiting the ruins of a 17th century kasbah and the fascinating historical sites around it. Later in the day we will head to the souks, where we will also have lunch. Oualidia is popular because of its fresh quality seafood. If you want to have some oysters – this is the place.
In the afternoon we will go birdwatching. If your trip to the region takes place during the fall months, you will get a one-of-a-kind birdwatching experience at a time when migratory birds from Europe arrive in Africa. We will spend the evening on the beach having a good time. If the weather permits, and you are up for it, you can take part in water sports like windsurfing, paddleboarding, kite boarding, surfing, and so on. A beautiful sunset on the beach is a given before going back to the hotel for the night. If you want to experience a bit of the city’s nightlife, you have the opportunity.

Day 4: Oualidia - Casablanca

After breakfast in Oualidia, we will pick you up from your hotel and set out for the legendary Casablanca. The city that still exudes Hollywood drama and myth. It is the largest city in Morocco, and it offers a lot of exciting architecture. It is also an incredible seaside destination with its long clean beaches. Our tour of Casablanca starts with a visit to the modern and monumental Hassan II Mosque. With its 690 ft (210 m) tall minaret, it is the largest mosque in Africa and the second tallest minaret in the world. It is one of the few mosques non- Muslims are allowed to enter, on a guided tour.
After our tour to the mosque, we will visit Habbous, commonly referred to as Casablanca’s 'New Medina'. The open-air market offers a vast range of merchandise, such as garments, textiles, carpets, shoes, groceries. Moroccan staples like dried fruits and spices are certain to be found. The area is rich in art deco architecture left behind by the French when they build this market in the 1930s. Habbous also hosts many seafood restaurants and cafés. We will have lunch in one of them.
In the afternoon we will visit the old city district: the old medina, central market, Villa des Arts, King’s Palace, and Place Mohammed V, among other spots. The evening we will spend strolling La Corniche beach, where you will get to enjoy a cool breeze and watch the sun go down. Our guide will take you back to your accommodations for the night.

Day 5: Casablanca - Rabat

After breakfast, we will spend the better part of the morning hours exploring more of Casablanca. We will start in the old city district and its medina. Their maze-like tumble of alleys offers a lot to explore. The old medina is quite a spectacle with many places to eat and we will use the opportunity to have lunch here. Next up is the site of Cathedral du Sacre Coeur, which is famous for its blend of European and Moroccan style. We will also go to the Morocco Mall, and the Jewish Museum before setting out for Rabat.
The drive from Casablanca to Rabat offers spectacular vistas of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a 54 mile (87 km) enjoyable drive. We will be stopping in several coastal towns on our way such as Mohammedia, El Mansouria, Skhirat, and Temara, and will reach Rabat in the evening. Our driver will then drop you off at your accommodations in the city. If you still have energy to go out, the nightlife of Rabat is worth checking out.

Day 6: Rabat - Asilah

After breakfast, our guide will pick you up at your accommodations and we will set off for a tour of Rabat. Rabat is is the capital city of Morocco. It is a town of harmonious blend between modern and ancient civilization. Founded in the 12th century, Rabat remains a gem for many tourists coming to Morocco. We will start with the Oudaias Kasbah, home of the oldest mosque in the city. We'll walk through the trodden streets and see the nearby attractions. On to the ancient settlement of Chellah and then having lunch at a restaurant serving local cuisine. In the afternoon we will go see the iconic Hassan Tower and the ruins of what was once to be the world's largest mosque. We will also go to the medina before heading over to Ville Nouvelle or Rabat's modern district. Unlike historical parts of town, the modern quarter offers a wealth of architecture with French influences. We make sure not to forget to visit the vibrant souks of Rabat before leaving the town for Asilah. The two-hour drive to Asilah passes through a beautiful coastal landscape. With some quick stops along the way we'll reach Asilah by the evening, and our guide will drop you off at your hotel for the night.

Day 7: Asilah - Tangier

After breakfast, we will pick you up at your hotel to go exploring the stunning beauty of Asilah. Asilah is a town with its history going back to 1500 BCE. Naturally, it has a lot to offer. We will start with the old town or medina, which is enclosed by 15th-century ramparts and gates. You will get an idea what it was like to live in ancient Morocco from the atmosphere on the beaten old streets and the surviving architecture. The place is sure to be an extraordinary experience for a visitor. The whitewashed houses are a sight to behold.
Our next spots to sightsee are the promenade on the ancient Portuguese wall, the old El-Hamra tower, and the popular Nashia bazaar. In the afternoon we will visit Place Zellaka, the main square of the city. Zellaka's multicultural tweak comes forth in that you find a mosque and a church built on the same square. In the evening we will leave for Tangier, concluding our magnificent 7-day coastal tour. Our guide will drop you off at your hotel in Tangier.