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Best Morocco Travel Blog

Our agency offers you a wide variety of information so that you can get to know the country from all points of view. We give you advice so that you take them into account before leaving, we make lists of interesting proposals and we review some of the most important cultural events that you should not miss if it coincides with the dates of your trip.

In all cases, they are relatively short posts but loaded with information, which will not be heavy for you to read and, at the same time, will not leave out any relevant data or detail.

Welcome to Best Morocco Travel Blog

The themes that we address in our Morocco blog are very varied, since your trip to this country can also take on very different profiles. In these publications we love to reveal secrets that go unnoticed by the vast majority of tourists: from a viewpoint with spectacular views to a charming corner in the medina.

We also like to focus on a destination and collect its points of interest, and that can help you choose one circuit or another, or write down attractions that you don’t want to miss when you arrive.

Culture is very present in this corner of our website. For this reason, we compile dates of celebration of certain festivals, we describe the most interesting of each museum and we explain in depth some of the most important folkloric traditions.

Another of the recurring themes in our Morocco blog is gastronomy: we describe in depth the main dishes of the country and we suggest some places where you can go to enjoy that meal in question.

As you will notice, we also dedicate a good number of posts to the main topics related to Jewish travelers: traditions, historical places related to their religion, services specifically designed for their believers, etc.

So, if you take a look at all the posts on this Morocco blog, you will be able to find inspiration for your circuit, as we remind you that our agency can design your trip to measure, from the moment of your arrival to the moment of your departure. Feed your interest in this country and review the articles that we provide here.

Live, feel and enjoy Morocco with @bestmoroccotravel 


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