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Where to eat in Marrakech?

Where to eat in Marrakech?

Where to eat in Marrakech?

If you are thinking of visiting Morocco and what you are looking for is that you can eat in Marrakech, you should know that enjoying the local gastronomy is an unforgettable experience, since Marrakech gastronomy is full of colors and unique flavors that make more and more international tourists visiting the restaurants of Marrakech.

From Best Morocco Travel we are going to tell you which are the best restaurants in Marrakech, the most famous for their quality and attention, and from where you can notice the influence of other cultures in the food of Marrakech. We tell you all the details!

What are the best places to eat in Marrakech?

Like every tourist who comes to this town, we walk around thinking about where we can eat. Therefore, below we have prepared a list of the 7 most recommended places by tourists to eat in Marrakech :

1 – Riad Tamsna restaurant, perfect if you like jazz

It is located in the Palmeraie area and it is a restaurant set to the melody of jazz, very relaxing and with an offer of international food.

Among its specialties, we find North African cuisine, and although it is a bit expensive, it is perfect if we want to dine in Marrakech.

In this restaurant, wine is included in the service, so if you do not wish to have it as a companion to the meal, you must notify it in advance.

2 – Palais Jad Mahal, a cheap quality restaurant

This is one of the restaurants that are currently in fashion and one of the busiest places to eat in Marrakech.

This restaurant is perfect if you are looking for an exclusive and picturesque place in the city, without a doubt, it is one of the most demanded places to eat in Marrakech.

It offers international food, where mainly Indian food stands out.

3 – Restaurant du Red House, gastronomy with charm in Morocco

This is one of the most beautiful places to eat in Marrakech and despite being located outside the walls of the Medina, it is considered central. It is located inside a small hotel, whose facilities are completely elegant.

Within the menu is international food along with Moroccan food. In your letter, we will find the dishes with suggestive and striking names.

It has a very intimate atmosphere, and oriental style, and has show a dancer accompanied by a lute player every night. If you are looking to eat well in Marrakech this is one of the best options.

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4 – Pizzeria Venezia, pizzas with a special flavor

When we want to eat something more traditional, there is no better option than to try a good pizza in Morocco.

This pizzeria is located on Avenida Mohammed V; the place has a terrace facing the Koutoubia Mosque. On their menu, they offer a wide variety of pizzas, as well as exquisite salads.

5 – La Trattoria, Moroccan-style Italian food

In this restaurant, the attention of all its staff and the variety of its dishes stand out. Here we can find burrata salads or mushroom risotto.

In addition, very close to the bar there is an ideal lounge for tourists to enjoy an aperitif or a drink while enjoying live music.

This is one of the hottest places to eat in Marrakech.

6 – Café de France, a bohemian and elegant atmosphere

This is one of the most renowned coffees in all of Morocco. It is located in Jemaa el Fna and has a terrace in the same square, where you can enjoy the best of Marrakech under a bohemian atmosphere, while you are in one of the best areas to eat in Marrakech.

7 – Azar, a gastronomy that blends cultures

This is a famous Moroccan restaurant that fuses, lebanese and Moroccan food. It is decorated under a traditional but at the same time modern atmosphere, in which dim lights are used to promote one of the most intimate environments where to eat in Marrakech.

The menu of this place is very extensive, in it we can see starters for all tastes and very original dishes, such as the case of grilled leeks with spinach sprouts. The flavors of their dishes are unique.

Where to eat in Marrakech?

8 – Naranj Restaurant, enjoy Lebanese food in Marrakech

If you are looking to try styles and you dare to Lebanese food, you have to go try this restaurant. It stands out for the fusion of the Lebanese style with Moroccan food. It has good service and the decoration is spectacular.

The price is moderate to economical and you will be able to spend a pleasant time with your loved ones enjoying Lebanese gastronomy in the city.

9 – Comptoir Darna Restaurant, one of the most famous in Marrakech

If you are looking for a place to eat in a more traditional style in Marrakech, this is undoubtedly a very good choice. This is one of the restaurants with a luxurious atmosphere where you can enjoy belly dancing shows and try a cuisine that blends Eastern and Western food in the purest Moroccan style.

If after enjoying their dishes, you fancy some leisure time, this restaurant has a club where you can have drinks and cocktails accompanied by hookahs while listening to a DJ who mixes Moroccan music with electronic music. As for the price, it is a little higher than the rest, but it is worth living the experience.

Other alternatives to enjoy the local gastronomy

Not only do we have restaurants, but we can also choose to eat in Marrakech at the stalls in Djema el Fna square, where we will find high-quality dishes at really cheap prices.

The fun part is going from stall to stall and trying a bit of everything, so you will know what typical Moroccan food is.

When the afternoon falls, in this square it gives the impression that you are in front of a smoky industry, from where you can appreciate a great variety of aromas.

You can complete the gastronomic tour with natural orange juice, which you will not have left over on your trip to Marrakech.

Eating in Marrakech: a unique experience

When you go to eat in Marrakech, you will notice the great gastronomic richness that each of its dishes has. For example, cous cous is one of the most recognized dishes and is served in various places to eat in Morocco.

Cous cous is composed of vegetables, meat or fish, and many spices that go according to the taste of the person who is going to eat.

In addition, you will be able to see the nuts and native products, which are special thanks to the climatic conditions in which they are grown.

Like all tourists, what they like most about traveling is that they can discover the typical Moroccan gastronomy in any of the places they decide to visit.

But eating in Marrakech means going through its streets in search of where to eat in Marrakech and knowing the great amount of exquisite food, whose dishes are decorated in an incredible way.

Moroccan food is very varied, as well as exquisite, so all you have to do is organize your trip to eat in Marrakech.

But if you do not want to miss out on any of its flavors and you want to know its recipes in-depth, you can contact Best Morocco Travel, where we will help you in the search for its tasty dishes.

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