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What to Wear in Morocco

What to Wear in Morocco

What to Wear in Morocco

When going on vacation, the question always arises about what clothes are suitable to take to the destination. For this we need to know the climate of the site, its different seasons and even some information about its culture, even more so when visiting a place as diverse as Morocco. Know what to wear in Morocco that should go in your suitcase with the advice of Best Morocco Travel.

How should I dress in Morocco?

One of the curiosities of Morocco is that it is led by the

Muslim religion, whose beliefs influence the way of dressing, especially in women. Therefore, it is important to know that these traditions must be respected, you do not need to dress locally out of obligation. This means that the what to wear in Morocco are available at home.

Morocco, despite being an Arab country, is a very open country, so there is no problem in wearing western and light clothing, especially for a female tourist. Even so, we recommend you dress with some decorum so that you do not cause uncomfortable looks from the local population, especially if you travel to very rural areas. In the case of men, there is no problem wearing short clothing such as shorts or T-shirts as long as you are not sightseeing in a mosque, including the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca and Tin Mal in the High Atlas. In both you have to go with more covered clothes, that is, no necklines, no straps, no short clothes. . In cases like these, the clothes to travel to Morocco have to cover you.

In the case of Moroccan women, there is a great contrast between those who live in rural areas and those who live in larger and more cosmopolitan cities, the former wear mostly traditional clothing, consisting of long dresses and even the hijab, which is a kind of turban that covers his head. Those who live in larger and more modern cities such as Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, and Tangier tend to dress in a more westernized way, mixing European fashion clothes with the Hijab in some cases. With this tradition, it is understandable that in some areas seeing a woman in shorts, a T-shirt or a cleavage makes some impression on them. Therefore, what to wear in Morocco will depend on the area you visit and also on whether you want to attract more or less attention from the male audience. What is important is that during Ramadan you dress more modestly, since, despite the fact that Ramadan is only spoken of as the month of fasting, it is also a period of purification, in which man cannot have impure thoughts until sunset

This does not mean that it is not possible to dress freely, since only the fact avoiding so low-cut or short clothes is the only practical information that you should keep in mind in terms of clothing. For the rest, the colors, fabrics or styles are free as long as it is appropriate to the different times to travel to Morocco.

Morocco is a very tolerant country, especially with tourism. There is no problem in dressing in western clothes, even women can wear skirts, shorts, tank tops, or any other garment they consider. The only risk here is that they will be more observed by men.

Only during Ramadan, it is advisable to dress in a more modest way, since even if this festivity is only talked about by fasting, it is also a period of purification and they cannot have any type of impure thought until sunset, with which Out of respect for your religion and culture, it is better on this date to go a little more covered.

What to Wear in Morocco for each season?

Depending on the seasons, you need different types of clothing to travel to Morocco. In this destination, the temperature difference varies every month, with a drastic change between summer and winter. Therefore, when choosing what to wear in Moroccoin August, which is summer, it will be different from December when the temperature drops.

Also, it is important to know the geography of the place, since in the Atlas area the weather is colder throughout the year with an increase in the final months. In this particular case, the indicated clothing to travel to Morocco is the winter season, which always includes waterproof clothing if you plan to go skiing. Here are some recommendations for clothing according to the calendar:

What to Wear in Morocco for the summer

The months of June, July, and August are the hottest and comprise the summer in this area of Africa. It is the season with the most tourist influx, the ideal time to enjoy the Mediterranean beaches of the place. Therefore, among, what to wear in Morocco on this date, you should not miss bikinis or swimsuits.

Do you want to enjoy the medinas walking? what to wear in Morocco must be covered to avoid sunburn. As for clothing to visit Marrakech or other cities, you need long-sleeved shirts, especially cotton that prevents damage from sun exposure. Also, in the clothes to go to Marrakech include some short-sleeved ones for the nights. Or opt for short-sleeved clothing with good sun protection, here it will depend on several factors: Your skin tone, your tolerance to the sun, and high temperatures…

This city, along with Rabat, Casablanca, and Tangier, is the most westernized in the country in terms of its way of dressing. To avoid confusion about what to wear in Morocco, just remember that t-shirts and shorts are not frowned upon, however, in other parts of the country you can also dress comfortably and lightly without any inconvenience.

What to Wear in Morocco

In the same way, some accessories will serve as protection, such as sunglasses or summer hats, and they will be great for you. In remember what to wear in Morocco as well as to other more desert-like cities, they have to be adapted to the climate. In the desert area, it is interesting to get a turban or scarf that can cover our heads and also avoid if there is a sand storm that dust can get into our faces it is also a great traditional souvenir from the area.

The clothes to go to the desert in Morocco that we recommend are closed shoes, scarves to cover the face and head, and caps. Some of these recreational activities in Morocco, such as the buggy, will make you sweat a lot, so a sport or breathable shirt does not hurt.

What to Wear in Morocco for the winter

At the end of the summer, the temperature in the warmer cities drops a bit. Now, what clothes to wear to Marrakech in October? As it is the middle of autumn, it must be the same as summer. The reason is that you are going to need to protect yourself from the sun in the same way and the heat is still important.

The change occurs in the winter season, in which case what to wear in Morocco should be less light. These are the last months of the year, the heat is replaced by a cool breeze that comes from the sea and keeps the area around 20 degrees during the day but with quite low night temperatures in some areas of the country.

In the particular case of what clothes to wear to Marrakech in November or any other arid area, you need clothes that protect you from the breeze, especially in the afternoon and at night. For this reason, jeans and fine cotton sweaters should not be missing from the clothes to travel to Morocco. Similarly, windbreakers are recommended, both in overalls and in jackets for use at night.

The months of December, January, and February are when the temperature reaches its lowest peak, therefore, the answer to the question of what to wear to Marrakech in December is “warm”. During the day the coolness is an advantage to walking lightly, at nightfall the weather turns cold. This also happens in the entire desert area and the route of the Thousand Kasbahs.

It is common during the winter period to find the entire area of the Atlas Mountains covered in snow, so it is good to bring some warm clothing when passing through these places.

The variation between the mild heat of the day and the icy peaks of the night surprises many tourists. This is normal in a coastal and arid area. Consequently, a jacket cannot be missing from your clothes to travel to Morocco during the winter season. It does not hurt to bring an umbrella because in this month the rains are frequent.

Additionally, it is necessary to include sunscreen, since regardless of the destinations to be traveled, a lot of time is spent exposed to the sun on vacation.

Organize your suitcase to go on a trip with the clothes to travel to Morocco appropriate for each season to enjoy the tour safe from the weather. Visit our blog to learn more about this attractive destination and request your travel budget to Morocco with Best Morocco Travel.

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