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What is a riad: pros and cons in front of the hotel

What is a riad: pros and cons in front of the hotel

What is a riad: pros and cons in front of the hotel

Night in a charming Riad in Marrakech“. It is a phrase that you may have read on our website, especially on the pages dedicated to the routes from this imperial city. But what exactly is a Riad? In this article we explain the basic characteristics of this type of tourist accommodation and the advantages it has over hotels in Morocco.

What is a riad: pros and cons in front of the hotel

What is and how are the riad in Morocco?

Riad, in Arabic, can be translated as Eden or garden And by extension, in Morocco they designate those houses or neighborhood structures that have their central patio as their most representative space, in which there are usually natural elements such as water fountains, plants or flowers.

The rooms in which the guests stay are distributed precisely around this patio. There are not usually many: often 5 or 6, who were precisely in charge of welcoming the members of a very large family, from several different generations, as is still the case in many cases in Morocco.

Another distinctive feature of the riad is its exquisite decoration. Not only in its central patio, but also in its entrance corridor and in other building finishes: mosaics of different colors, tiles with geometric and plant motifs, Arabic writing and other details that will contribute to offering the aforementioned charm.

Finally, they also usually have in common their central location, usually in the heart of the old medina. This is the case not only with the riads in Marrakech, which are among the most requested, but also with the riads in Tangier and in cities in any other corner of the country.

How is a riad different from a hotel?

Knowing the basic characteristics of accommodation of this type, it is convenient to analyze some pros and cons with respect to a ‘normal and ordinary’ hotel in Morocco. Regarding the advantages of a riad we can highlight:

• A more special and charming atmosphere, despite the fact that in many cases the owners and managers are foreign entrepreneurs fascinated by the country and by this type of accommodation.

• Closer relationship with the hotel employees and with the rest of the guests, conveying the feeling of ‘being at home’ thanks to the tranquility of the place, but also to the fact that privacy is totally guaranteed in them.

• Its central location will be more suitable for visiting monuments and places of interest in each city, which are usually located in the medina.

Since there is no perfect accommodation, we can also point out some disadvantages, which will have more or less weight depending on the criteria of each traveler:

• Less services and common areas; although the patio is large and in some cases can house a swimming pool, in riads you will rarely find spaces such as a gym, restaurant, business center, etc.

Finding a room in them is more difficult, not only because of the high demand they are reaching, but also because of the low supply available, since they have few rooms, as we have seen.

What are the best riads in Morocco?

In Morocco you will find many options to stay in a riad during your trip. Keep in mind that within the Riad there is another range of qualities and prices, there are very basic and cheap ones and also very sophisticated and luxurious ones. There are riads in Marrakech and Fes and almost any other Moroccan city that has a medina (old town). There are other more modern or less touristy cities that have a smaller or less significant medina and therefore less variety of this type of tourist accommodation. Both in Fes and in Marrakech you will be able to find true wonders. We advise you to at least try the experience of sleeping in a charming riad in Morocco.

What is a riad: pros and cons in front of the hotel

What is the price of a riad?

As with Western-style hotels, there are riads at all price points. There are cheap riads and other very expensive ones. It will depend above all on its characteristics, location, services… From its typology we know that they will generally be in the medinas, but not all the streets of the medinas are good for lodging. Some streets are busier, others are quieter, some are safer and others are more unsafe… We recommend that you take into account the evaluations of other travelers to find out the quality of the tourist accommodation and also to know if it is in a good area or not. You also have to take into account that in cities like Fes, Marrakech or Rabat, the price of the riads will be more expensive than other less touristy cities such as Tetouan.

In any case, if you travel to Morocco and participate in one of our organized routes, this aspect will not be a problem: we will get you a riad in Marrakech for themed trips, a riad in Tangier on routes in the north or in any other city we visit. . Contact us and we will inform you about this service!

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