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Best time to visit Morocco

Weather in Morocco – When is the best time to visit

Weather in Morocco – When is the best time to visit

Before leaving, checking the weather in Morocco is almost an obligation. As we will see, the climate in this country is quite stable and the weather conditions are more or less predictable. But it is always a good idea to take a look at the forecast to avoid surprises. In this article, we give you the details that you should take into account before you travel to Morocco.

Heat, the general tonic

Unless you come from a region that is already desert and hot, it is very likely that the weather in Morocco will provide you with higher temperatures than those you find in your daily life (although with exceptions, as we will see below). This is due to the southern latitude of the country and its proximity to the Sahara desert. Therefore, in the center and especially in the south of Morocco, you will feel hot, especially from late spring to early autumn, when thermometers usually reach 45°C. On the north coast, the climate is Mediterranean, although warmer than in European countries.

weather in Morocco

Cold and snow in the Mountains

However, Morocco is a very mountainous country, so it also has locations and regions with a cold climate due to the altitude. This is the case in the Atlas, where it snows relatively frequently in winter. Ifrane, one of the cities that are part of our organized trips to Morocco, is striking they call it Little Switzerland because of its gabled roofs.

Special mention should be made of the cities and towns located around the Rif, in the north, and in general in the entire plateau that goes to the Atlantic coast: due to their altitude, the most notable fact is the thermal oscillation between sun and shade and between morning and night. A good example of this is Chaouen, another of the classic destinations on our trips to Morocco: in this town, the oscillation can be around 15 or 20 °C, that is, hot during the day and cold at night.

Wind and fog on the coast

The Atlantic coast is cooler than the rest of the country. In fact, the waters of its beaches are cold, as is usual in this ocean. In addition, the wind is also a regular protagonist of the weather in westernmost Morocco Fog is also common in the period from May to August, which is known as the ‘white sky’, which usually disperses afternoon.

The weather in Morocco

As you have seen, the climate of this North African country is characterized by its extreme values, especially with regard to heat. However, far from being an inconvenience, it is an attraction factor for most tourists. In fact, our agency organizes routes that would not be possible if the weather in Morocco were different. For example, for our 4×4 experiences in the Sahara desert, an arid and desert climate is essential, which forms dunes like those of Merzouga. To practice surfing and kitesurfing on the Atlantic coast, nothing better than its wind and waves. And for a getaway to the Michlifen ski resort, you need the snowfall of the Atlas.

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