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Valley of the Roses

Valley of the Roses – Kelaa M’gouna

Valley of the Roses – Kelaa M’gouna

Less than 50 km from Skoura we find Kelaa M’gouna, a population of about 15,000 inhabitants. It is a fortified town located at an altitude of 1,500 meters, famous for its rose water distillery. This is precisely the Valley of the Roses, which is located at the foot of the High Atlas in Morocco, at the confluence with the Dades Valley, another of the most recommended destinations on the trips to Morocco that we organize.

Valley of the Roses

The Valley of the Roses, with its intoxicating aromas, is made up of hectares of rose bushes whose aroma is appreciated throughout the month of May. You can lose yourself in the stunning and alluring scenery here. The three most significant industries in this area are rose cultivation, essence distillation, and perfume making. From mid-April through mid-May, flowers bloom. The Chleuh Berber ethnic group dominates Kelaa M’gouna’s population. This bustling city is an economic, commercial, and social center for the population of this region, and is well known for its Festival of Roses, which takes place every year in May.

The damask rose was brought to Kelaa M’gouna in 1938 by the French. It was at that time that the first rose water distillery was opened in the area. Shortly after, the first edition of the Festival of Roses began, which has become a tradition ever since.

Festival of Roses

The Fiesta or Festival de las Rosas is celebrated on the first weekend of May each year. Lasting two days, it celebrates the arrival of these flowers in the Dades and M’goun valleys. During this moussem or festival, Kalaat M’gouna doubles its population. It is a place much visited by Moroccans who live in other cities of the kingdom, known for its perfumes and cosmetics made from rose water, as well as for the hospitality and warmth of its people. The festival is also an opportunity for visitors to Kelaa M’gouna to discover the small craft and agricultural products from the region. During the festival, more than 4,000 tons are produced, since it takes about a ton to extract a liter of extract.

As it happens with other festivals that you can discover with our trips to Morocco, in the Festival of the Roses a delicious meal is prepared together with the local Berber tribes singing, dancing, showing their swords, and playing traditional musical instruments. In addition, there is a parade of floats with the nominees for Miss Valley of the Roses.

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