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Moroccan dishes

10 Typical Moroccan dishes that you should try

Typical Moroccan dishes that you should try

Morocco is a country that can offer you a wide range of possibilities for your recreation and fun. In this country, located in North Africa, not only the most fantastic landscapes and incomparable resorts await you for your rest, but also, the gastronomy makes you an exquisite invitation to try all the typical Moroccan dishes.

In such a way, that if you already plan to travel to Morocco, we offer you a list of the typical dishes of this area so that you do not forget to try any!

Moroccan dishes

Particularities of typical Moroccan food

In typical Moroccan food, the use of filo pastry, spices such as cumin, cereals, ras al hanut, almonds, wood-fired bread, and honey is very common. As for proteins, the use of shellfish, fish, lamb, and chicken is common. The consumption of many fruits and vegetables in Moroccan gastronomy is also common.

In Moroccan food, you will find vibrant colors and very characteristic flavors and in terms of drinks, tea is what stands out the most in this culture. It is a fundamental drink that represents the gastronomy of Morocco.

The 10 typical Moroccan dishes that you should try

Although there are many dishes that represent Moroccan food, today we present these 10 typical Moroccan dishes that offer the palate an incomparable and unforgettable flavor:


Couscous is considered the iconic dish of all of Morocco, and it is the cooking of semolina seed, which is usually accompanied by chicken meat and vegetable stew. Depending on the part of the country where you are, they can serve you various garnishes to accompany it.


The preparation of the Tajín can be with any type of food that must be prepared in a clay vessel with its lid to conserve heat and steam after cooking has finished. Among the typical Moroccan dishes made in Tajín are chicken Tajín, lamb Tajín, semolina and vegetable Tajín, etc.


Hummus is one of the main typical Moroccan dishes. Also known as Hummus plate, this dish is a paste made with chickpeas, olive oil, lemon, and Tahina. This creamy preparation is one of the favorites of visitors to Morocco and is usually eaten with pita bread.


This is one of the typical Moroccan dishes that you can find in the street stalls that are in the souks or markets of this country. It is normally accompanied by sauces and served as an appetizer.

Chicken accompanied by almonds

One of the typical Moroccan dishes, which is more popular and is undoubtedly one of the favorites, is chicken accompanied with almonds. This delicious dish has a great flavor thanks to the perfect combination of seasonings with which it is prepared. Among the seasonings that make this dish unique are turmeric, garlic, almonds, parsley, cumin, ras al hanut, and paprika.

This chicken is simmered in a Tajín and is also usually served with couscous or couscous bread.

The Cake

La Pastela is a dish served in times of celebration, and it is a puff pastry with a dove, pigeon or partridge filling. This delicious dish of Moroccan gastronomy is usually accompanied by nuts and spices that give it that typical touch of Moroccan cuisine.


This typical Moroccan dish is very simple, but it is one of the most delicious and comforting. Its preparation consists of a puree made with broad beans with a touch of olive oil. Usually, this dish is served as a side dish and is one of the most popular in all of Morocco.


Kefta is a preparation that contains minced meat and its seasonings are garlic, onions, pine nuts, paprika, olive oil, parsley, and cumin. This dish is usually served in different ways.

Aubergine zaalouk

This dish, in addition to being one of the most typical, is one of the most delicious and best-known salads in all of Morocco, especially in the city of Fes.

Its preparation consists of boiling aubergines and then finishing cooking with a sauce of garlic and tomatoes and seasoning them with spices and lemon juice. When the dish is ready, the preparation is finished with cilantro, olive oil, and black olives.


This is the last of the typical Moroccan dishes on this list, but not the least, in fact, for meat lovers, this is one of the favorites. It is a whole lamb roasted over low heat, in such a way that when it is served, the softness of the meat will be exquisite. It can be accompanied by couscous, plums, and almonds.


As for the sweet flavors of this country close to Europe, you cannot stop trying the Ghoriba, which are delicious cookies that you can find in all pastry shops and in restaurants they can be served as desserts. They are extremely crunchy and their flavor is simply exquisite.

Another of the most delicious desserts is the Chebakia and it is one of the typical Moroccan dishes for being one of the Ramadan sweets. This cookie is made with a sesame base and lots of honey. Its shape seems to be a flower and in the decoration, it also has sesame and honey.

One last delicious dessert that you should not miss trying is the Maamoul, this is a butter biscuit filled with date cream, pistachios, raisins, and walnuts. It is normally served as a snack at the end of Ramadan.

Have we managed to seduce you with Moroccan gastronomy? If you have become curious to try each of these dishes and you plan to visit the city, contact us, we will recommend the best restaurants so that you can taste the typical Moroccan dishes. We’ll be waiting for you!

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