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Trips to Morocco will Surprise you

Trips to Morocco will Surprise you

Although Morocco has often been associated with ‘adventure’, youth and backpacking style travel, the possibilities offered by this country go much further. And one of them are incentive trips because of their exoticism, their proximity, their variety of experiences and, of course, their affordable price. In this article we tell you more about how these organized trips to Morocco are, in which is a specialist.

trips to Morocco

What are incentive trips

First of all, it is convenient to make a brief indication about what incentive trips are. With this name are known those tours that are given away in the professional world, and are mainly aimed at employees or clients. In the case of employees, they are usually a form of gratification for meeting objectives and in the case of clients, they are a way of building loyalty.

Culture, a great attraction in Morocco

On a cultural level, Morocco can be a good destination for incentive trips, especially if the company that organizes them is international in nature and part of its business is carried out in North Africa. In this way, an organized tour can be an interesting way to get to know a close and very different culture at the same time: hammans, crafts, museums about local traditions, music, dance and a long etcetera.

trips to Morocco

Sun and beach in comfortable resorts

The beach can also be a complement to the above or a central objective of these organized trips to Morocco. Both on the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast there are interesting resorts where the members of the group can be comfortably and safely accommodated. Al Hoceima or Nador in the Mediterranean and Agadir or Casablanca in the Atlantic are some of the favorite options.

Luxury, increasingly present in the country

And if what you are looking for are proposals aimed at executives or strategic clients, you can organize a truly luxurious stay, in 5-star hotels located in major cities such as Marrakech or the aforementioned Casablanca. And also, we can offer a totally original premium experience: nights in luxury tents in the middle of the desert, to enjoy the magic of a night in the Sahara with all the comforts.

trips to Morocco

Other organized trips to Morocco for companies

In addition to incentive trips, there are many other proposals for the business world. For example, team building activities, which aim to strengthen ties between coworkers or project colleagues. In this, 4×4 excursions in the desert are always a good option, as are the aquatic experiences in the more than 1,800 km of coastline that the country has. It is also worth mentioning the possibility of organizing conferences, both internally at the company or as a sectoral convention, since more and more spaces are set up for this in large cities, mainly Rabat, Casablanca and Marrakech.

Whatever the idea of your incentive trip at we will take care of organizing it to measure, with personalized and exclusive services from the moment the group sets foot on Moroccan soil.

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