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Trip Through Morocco

A Combined Trip through Morocco and what other options?

A Combined Trip through Morocco and what other options?

More and more people are choosing a combined trip through Morocco and another neighboring country with which they have some relationship. This is common among Latin American travelers, who take advantage of such a long trip to add more than one destination to their program. If that is precisely your idea, in this post we show you which are the main options, which to a large extent we can manage from Best Morocco Travel, since our group has agencies or collaborators in those other destinations.

Trip Through Morocco

Combined trip with Spain: Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla

By neighborhood, a combined trip through Morocco and Spain is a very interesting option and easy to organize due to the good transport connections. In particular, with the autonomous community of Andalusia, which for centuries formed the Muslim territory of Al-Andalus and, for this reason, has numerous common characteristics at a cultural and landscape level. In cities like Granada, Córdoba or Seville, this is especially evident.

On the other hand, it is also interesting to add to the program a visit to the two autonomous cities of Spain in African territory: Ceuta and Melilla, which have a land border with Morocco. The cultural exchange here is especially striking, not without interesting monumental surprises.

For combined trips of this type, Best Morocco Travel uses the services of Andalucía Exclusiva, our agency in Andalusia, which also has another specific division for real estate issues. For this reason, we can also offer particularly charming accommodation for the Spanish stages of this combined trip.

Combined trip through Morocco and Egypt: Arabs, very different

In recent years, one of the proposals that has been best received by our clients is the combined trips to Morocco and Egypt. Both are Arab countries in North Africa, but at the same time they are two countries with very different tourist attractions.

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In this case, Egypt provides unforgettable visits to places from the Pharaonic era, such as the Pyramids of Giza or the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. In addition, navigating the Nile on a cruise is another great incentive, as well as enjoying the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea at any time of the year.

To organize this attractive program, Best Morocco Travel works in tandem with another agency in our group: Exclusive Egypt, with the best professionals, vehicles and guides in the country. In addition, the direct air connections between both countries also facilitate the program.

trip through Morocco

Combined trip with Portugal: the Atlantic connection

Finally, it is also possible to organize a combined trip through Morocco and Portugal. Between the two countries there is a surprising Atlantic connection, a reflection of Portugal’s expansionist era in the 15th and 16th centuries. This can be seen in cities like Essaouira, Safi or El Jadida, where the Portuguese legacy is still evident.

In addition, lovers of the Atlantic coast will find many reasons to join this proposal, since both coasts have aspects in common: a wind that delights kitesurfing fans, rocky cliffs where the sea shows all its strength, maritime fortresses very evocative, etc

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