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Travel to Morocco in Ramadan

Travel to Morocco in Ramadan

Travel to Morocco in Ramadan

Ramadan, in Morocco, occurs on the same dates as in the rest of the Islamic world: during the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, which is somewhat shorter than that used in the West, since it counts the lunar cycle instead of the solar cycle. Therefore, this very special period falls each year on a different date. In Morocco Tourism we advise you to take into account Ramadan if you are going to travel to Morocco. In the following lines, we explain what it consists of and some advice about it.

Travel to Morocco in Ramadan

How is Ramadan in Morocco?

Ramadan is closely observed in Morocco, at least in public. It is a period of the year that lasts 30 days, during which all Muslims are obliged to fast for the day, as well as abstain from other temptations, such as sex or drugs, including tobacco.

According to Islamic doctrine, it is a method of cleansing and submitting the body to self-discipline. On the other hand, at nightfall, the situation changes radically: Moroccans, with family or friends, celebrate with special enthusiasm the fact of having been able to overcome the day’s fast.

As is logical, in Morocco Ramadan has a strong impact on life in the cities: they enter a state of torpor, with numerous establishments closed and much less traffic on the streets, something that usually contrasts with the rhythm and atmosphere that breathe after sunset, especially at the family level behind closed doors.

Traveling to Morocco in Ramadan: is it convenient or not?

For all these reasons, one question must be asked: is it really worth traveling to Morocco during Ramadan? As with everything in life, opinions differ. Here are some reasons for and against organizing your trip on these dates.

Reasons why it is not convenient to travel to Morocco in Ramadan

In most cases we do not recommend visiting Morocco during Ramadan, since the entire country comes to a standstill, adapting to the hours of this festival. With this, it is very common to find many establishments closed during the day. A visitor hoping to experience Morocco in all its glory may be slightly let down because many Moroccans also choose this time to take advantage of their vacations.

Another drawback to taking this into account is humor. Fasting and continence is a physical and mental effort that not all people bear in the same way, so during these days there are usually many Moroccans with a worse character and little desire to work, something understandable due to the aforementioned effort of fasting. This makes the people of the country more sensitive, so be careful: what is not frowned upon at other times, can be interpreted as a lack of respect during Ramadan.

Travel to Morocco in Ramadan

Reasons to discover Ramadan in Morocco

On the other hand, Ramadan is not a brake for many travelers. Instead, they view it as a unique chance to learn about a distinctive aspect of Moroccan culture.

In addition, on these dates the country has another life at night: the souks are crowded with people and full of products that are not usually seen or are seen in fewer quantities on other dates. Therefore, it also has a special charm to travel during Ramadan, especially for those tourists with an exploring spirit and a special interest in aspects such as culture and ethnography.

In any case, we believe that most tourists may find themselves with more drawbacks than benefits on these dates. Therefore, find out when the next holy month for Muslims will be celebrated and carefully assess the pros and cons of organizing a trip to coincide with Ramadan in Morocco.

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