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The guide to visit Tangier Morocco

Travel Guide to visit Tangier, Morocco

Travel Guide to visit Tangier, Morocco

Tangier is highly recommended for travelers who want to escape to a different and multicultural city It is also ideal for those who plan to start a long trip around Morocco and need a starting point.

In this guide << What to see in Tangier >> you will find all the necessary information to visit Marrakech, including the best places to visit, tips, transportation, lodging, and much more.

Known among the locals as the “North Bridge”, this port is located in front of the Strait of Gibraltar connecting Morocco with the rest of the world. It is known for having been inhabited from its origin by the Berbers and later it was invaded by different civilizations including Phoenicians and Romans, but later it was a Portuguese, British, French, and Spanish colony. To this day, after regaining control, you can still omnipresently feel the history that has left a deep mark on the streets of Tangier.

Sometimes it is hard to connect with cities that are not internationally famous, but in Tangier you will not have that inconvenience. First of all, you will discover that you are more popular than you would have imagined; and second, you will always have a place or corner like a café with views of the Mediterranean that will make you happy for having made the decision to visit it.

Perhaps the city of Tangier is still the type of city that when you hear it mentioned, you cannot imagine what can be visited there and create low expectations.

If you are thinking of visiting Tangier, you have to look at our page with hotels in Tangier so that you can easily organize your trip to Morocco. It is always a pleasure to see photos of Tangier, as the city hides some particularly picturesque places.

Other reasons why you should visit tanjier

1. The history of Tangier: If you want to learn while traveling, discovering curious historical facts and getting lost among museums, buildings and streets that convey everything that has happened in this city, you must visit Tangier. You will come across many sites with a very interesting historical legacy from different civilizations and ethnic groups. A tour in Tangier will serve as a trip to satisfy your hunger for knowledge of general culture.

2. Art Galleries: When you are planning to visit Tangier, do not forget to include in your itinerary a visit to one of the different art galleries that Tangier has to offer. many Artists join this movement, which promotes both local and international art.

3. Excursions from Tangier: If in addition to museums, souks, kasbahs and restaurants, you want to visit magical places, then Tangier is a city that, due to its location, it will make it easier for you to discover different places. It can serve as a base to explore capes, beaches, caves, ports, parks and other nearby cities only making short trips from Tangier.


Tangier is a developing city where the Western European influence, the influence of the colonial era together with the Moroccan culture are currently fused together. The most interesting thing is that this Moroccan culture is promoted and prevails in the hearts of the different generations that inhabit Tangier.

There are many art galleries at your disposal or the Cinema Rif, where you will find young people and artists gathered to enjoy the atmosphere on the terrace and to watch classic films from international cinema and of course also films in Moroccan Arabic and French. Another example of the push for culture and art in this city is the Tangier Latino Festival that takes place during the summer.

• You will notice the growth in the offer of restaurants and cafes with a western European style, an increase in restaurant chains, for example, here you will find Pizza Hut Takost or McDonalds and in the most Moroccan cities you will not see these franchises elsewhere.
• As tourism in Morocco country has grows over time, Tangier has benefited quite a litel bit from this. They’ve invested in cleaning and restoring Tangier’s beaches, so now it’s fun to walk along the corniche, and the city feels cleaner and police have also increased the security force on the streets.

What to see in Tangier Morocco

Tangier, although less visited compared to other Moroccan cities like Marrakech, Fes Casablanca Merzouga…. is a city that also offers best places to visit in Tangier (inside and outside the city).

You can quickly explore the main attractions of the city in 1-2 days, but if you have more time you can take excursions near Tangier to make the most of your trip.

Dar el makhzen or kasbah art museum

• It was previously the Royal Palace and is located within the old medina.

• It has an impressive archaeological collection of objects from the area.

• We only recommend that you spend enough time when you visit to calmly observe all the wonderful pieces of art and enjoy the decorations of the old palace.

• It’s a beautiful place!

• The entrance fee is only 2 $ and its nice location makes it so accessible to everybody.

It is a must to enjoy the local atmosphere and to observe the typical people of Tangier. It is located next to the old medina.

This open square is full of life all day and is named in honor of Morocco’s Independence Day.

From the center of the square you will notice the Sidi Bou Abib Mosque and the Rif Cinema and a few meters away you will find the entrance to the old city.

and the grand souk. In the traditional market you will find all kinds of products: fresh fruits and vegetables, dates, bread, nuts, argan oil and soap, etc.

It is common to see many local families around the square for a walk, eat something at the street stalls (chickpeas, snails, popcorn, ice cream, etc.), others just go to the mosque or stay near the fountain to observe people.

From the other side of the square, local young people go to Cinema Rif as a meeting point, enjoy the popular atmosphere on the terrace, talk about their day, exchange ideas with local artists or relax before going to see a movie..

Cinema Riff

Located in Plaza 9 de Abril, Cinema Rif is very easy to distinguish due to its large red sign and its white façade with art deco details. It is by far one of the most interesting places to get a better context of the diversity and cultural activity in Tangier and a better understanding of its largest part of the current youth of the city.

Cinematheque de Tangier is an independent cinema founded in 2006 by the visual artist Yto Barrada with the purpose of promoting the heritage of the national and international film industry.

It is an incredible intercultural space that receives artists, producers, moviegoers, travelers and anyone in love with art.
In addition to conferences, workshops, film projections in the room and outdoors. It is an ideal place to have tea or a drink on the terrace and you can also enjoy the beautiful interior of the cinema with its beautiful artistic and vintage touch.

Tangier medina

The old city of Tangier is a bustling, messy and colorful place. You definitely have to walk through it and explore, it is a very enjoyable experience, although sometimes it is easy to get disoriented between the alleys.

Unless you can arrange an invitation to a local’s home, your best bet is to plunge into the labyrinth-like medinas and head to the souks to sample different types of local food.

The Berbers from the villages near Tangier come from their farms to sell their fresh products, mainly fruits, vegetables and goat cheese wrapped in palm leaves, in the streets of the souks.
You will find many cool delicious options. How about a chickpea- based artisan bread? This typical bread in Tangier is called kalinte and is eaten a lot by locals in the streets of the medina, it is made of chickpea flour, olive oil, salt, egg and a touch of cumin.

You can also get ready-made food that is sold by weight and is prepared in the souk. You can try tajines, spicy sardines, pastilla (pigeon cake), bessara (broad bean soup), breaded liver and much more.
And if you have other types of cravings or are looking for products to take home, you will find spices, herbs, nuts or natural skin care products from argan oil, olive oil, almond oil, in the hundreds of stores scattered far and wide from the Medina.

Tangier American Legation

It is located in the medina on Rue d’Amerique street. Currently this building is a museum and cultural center that represents the strong connection that once united Morocco and the United States of America, and that many people are unaware of.

• Morocco was the first country to recognize the USA as an independent state, so since that time the good diplomatic relations between the two countries led to the establishment. It was a legation and consulate for 140 years and you can visit this beautiful building to go to exhibitions, visit the bookstore or simply admire its beautiful Moorish style.

Hercules Grotto and Cape Spartel

They are perhaps the most popular tourist sites in Tangier, they are only 15 km west of the city. They are really very attractive to travelers because they offer beautiful views of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. We highly recommend the panoramic views from the Cape Spartel lighthouse.

Regarding the famous caves, they got their name from the legend of Greek mythology that apparently indicates that Hercules slept there. Whether you believe it or not, this is a pretty place and worth visiting to see the rock formations naturally created by the waves and also because there are indications that they were occupied in Neolithic times.
• It is very easy to reach both sites due to their relevance to Tangier tourism. You can arrive by Taxi and the rate should not be between 9-12 euros (100-150 dirhams).

Cape and beach Malabata

• Beautiful cape with a picturesque lighthouse.

• A castle with a medieval style of the 20th century.

Hafa Cafe

• It is located on the hill below of Kasbah.

• You can get there by taxi, and the café is so popular that if you need directions, any local will surely help you.

• Enjoy the beautiful beach of the Mediterranean ocean while sipping on a delicious mint tea.

• This historic cafe has been open since 1921.

• We highly recommend it to start a good day or to relax in the afternoon.

Grand Cafe de Paris

• It has been open since 1927 and is located on the Rue de la Liberté in the Place de France.

• This wonderful, historic café is a local hangout and has a very special retro vibe.

• It has been a source of inspiration for literary geniuses like Jack Kerouac.

Best places to visit in Tangier

The Jewish Quarter of Tangier and the Lorin Foundation – Museum dedicated to the historical Jewish heritage

• Tomb of Ibn Battuta. – Here is the remnant of the famous Berber traveler who explored the the best of the world.

Gran Teatro Cervantes- Built in 1913, it is located on Rue Anoual.

Jardines de la Mendoubia.- If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle and breathe a calm atmosphere, visit the gardens.

• Tangier port. We suggest you take a 0 – tour of the renovated promenade. It is very nice to see the locals walking with their families

• Tangier Bullring. – The square was built by the Spanish in 1950, it is currently abandoned and is located on Route de Tetouan street.

Visit out of town

Tangier is very well located so it allows you to take day trips to fascinating sites. We suggest the following trips near Tangier. Best


Distance between Tangier & Asilah its 46 km

• It is a nice quiet town but surrounded by wild beaches where the waves hit the walls and give the place a special charm.

• On the other hand, if you are looking to do cultural activities during your visit to Morocco. Asilah is an excellent option. We suggest you check the cultural events in Asilah page. You will find information on murals, workshops or events such as the Asilah International Cultural Festival.

Chefchouen the blue city

Distance between Tangier & Chefchaouen its 113 km

• One of the advantages of being in Tangier is having the possibility of being closer to one of the most beautiful places in Morocco.

• Despite the significant increase in tourist flow, it is an essential stop that you will not regret about it. You are in time to discover the magic of Chefchaouen.

Best way to travel to Tangier by plane from Spain?

The best way to get to Tangier city is by plane, it has various international connections. Tangier Ibn Battuta International Airport is located 15 kilometers from Plaza 9 de Abril and the old medina of Tangier.

Below is a list of airlines that fly regularly to Tangier Ibn Battuta Airport:

Iberia – Royal Air Marroc – Vueling – Germania – Iberia – Eurowings – Air TAP Portugal – British Airways – Air Arabia Maroc – Ryanair  – TUI Airlines.

Best way to get from Spain to Tangier by ferry?

Getting to Tangier by ferry is possible and is also one of the favorite ways among tourists and locals.

The best common ports of departure: Algeciras – Málaga – Motril – Tarifa – Barcelona – Genoa – Sete – Savona.

Costs may vary depending on your travel needs.

Check schedules and compare prices on the pages Balearia, Trasmediterranea, Direct Ferries, FRS, AFERRY, LOGITRAVEL

The travel time can last from 30 to 80 minutes and this depends on the route you choose. The fastest journey can be found with FRS Ferries from Tarifa Port.

How to get from Tangier airport to the city center?

Car: Distance from the airport to the center 15 km.

Taxi: The average price to move from the airport to the center of Tangier is 9.50-14 euros – 100-150 dirhams.

How to get to Tangier by train?

Traveling by train is the most recommended. It is very comfortable and practical.

Casablanca – Marrakech route » 2h 39 m. Cost 9-18 Euros (96-193 dirhams).

If you confirmed to visit Tangier, you should to check first if the Moroccan train network runs to the city where you are.

Below you will find the most common train routes to Tangier:
Route Casablanca Casa Voyageurs – Tangier Ville » Distance 338km, Duration 2h 10m. Cost 18-36 Euros (187 – 384 dirhams)

Route Fes – Tangier Ville » Distance 398 km, Duration 3h 30m. Cost 10.5 -28 Euros (110 -295 dirhams)

Check the schedules and prices on the official website for trains in Morocco.

How to get to Tangier by bus?

If you are coming from a city where there is no Moroccan train network, then the Bus to Tangier is the means of transportation that you should consider.

If you arrived at Tangier Airport and you need to transfer by bus to another city, keep in mind that the airport is located 17 kilometers from the CTM bus station.

The main bus company is CTM, although you can also check prices and schedules at supratours.

How to move within the city of Tangier?

If you don’t have a car to get around, don’t worry. In Tangier it is very easy to move within the city on foot and by taxi, although we warn you that sometimes you will find areas with traffic and you will have to negotiate prices with the drivers.

How to get around by taxi in Tangier?

Taxis are usually everywhere and are very convenient. If you want to take advantage of time this will be your best option.

The disadvantages of using this medium are: prices at night increase considerably, It is always better to negotiate the price with the driver before getting on. Some do not use a meter.

How to get around by bus in Tangier?

You can get around Tangier using the city’s bus network. The cost is 4 dirhams and can cover different parts of the city. Check the stops and schedules on the ALSA TÁNGER page. The Moroccans will be willing to help you if you do not know the route or stop.

Where to stay in Tangier?

the Tangier has a variety of accommodation options as do other cities of Morocco, until now the growth of the  hotel industry in Tangier has been more oriented towards the opening of beach and luxury hotels. However, we did a deep investigation on the best hotel in Tangier to create a list with different options that we believe can help you have a pleasant trip according to your needs:

What are the best cheap hotels in Tangier?

Tangier Hostel

Bunk bed in bedroom 21 euros per night for 2 people. Breakfast included (includes taxes)

Tangiers Hostel, Pension Safari, Double room, 18-25 euros per night (Includes taxes) Pension Safari, Tanja Lucia Hostel, Bed in a mixed dormitory, 30 euros per night for 2 adults (Includes taxes) Tanja Lucia Hostel

What are the best mid-range hotels in Tangier?

Dar Sami: Riad avec vue, double room with private bathroom 59 euros per night. Breakfast included (includes taxes) Dar Sami: Riad avec vue, Fredj Hotel Tangier, superior double room, 2 single beds 68 euros per night (includes taxes) Fredj Hotel Tangier

What are the best luxury hotels in Tangier?

Palace Zahia, Deluxe double room, 2 people 105-116 euros per night, breakfast included (includes taxes) Palace Zahia, Hilton Garden Inn City Center, King room, 2 people 119-144 euros per night, breakfast included

(includes taxes) Hilton Garden Inn City Center, Before traveling to Tangier, Below, you will find a list of the best tips that every traveler should consider before visiting Tangier.

How to get a good price when buying things in Tangier?

In Morocco and Tangier, it is good to always haggle to get a better price.

What kind of clothes to take to Tangier?

Despite being a more cosmopolitan city, we suggest you not attract attention with your clothing. If you are a woman, you can wear light but modest clothing, that is, covering the shoulders, skirts below the knee, tunics, etc… In the mosques if they allow you access, it will not be necessary to cover your head , but avoid the use of tank tops, short skirts or shorts.

How much to tip in Tangier?

In most cases you will see that in the same account it indicates if the tip is already included or not. In most hotels and restaurants they indicate it, even so, if you wish, it is not necessary to leave tips to hotel employees, waiters, waiters, etc. It is considered a good tip around 10-15%.

Can I drink alcohol in Tangier?

In Tangier you can find options where the consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed. Here is a list of some of the most popular pubs and bars in Tangier: Cinema Riff, London’s Pub, 555 Club. In Tangier there are some liquor stores where you can buy alcohol.

Is Tangier a safe city?

To avoid any mishap, always take care of your personal belongings as you would when visiting any other place in the world

We also recommend that you go more cautiously at night and keep an eye on your surroundings, especially in areas on the city limits. Beware of certain fake guides that offer you help or a guide service in the streets of the old town. Usually appearing out of nowhere, these people will follow you around, start talking to you, and insist on offering to guide you to all the places. Firmly and clearly answer them that you do not want any guide, please do not insist and keep moving away from them, the best way is ignore them.


1. Tangier will always offer you different options to entertain yourself and enjoy your time in Morocco to the fullest.

2. If you like art, Tangier is the city you should visit. Your artistic mind and heart will explode with excitement when you see all the variety of art galleries that might interest you. One of the most famous is the city art gallery.

3. You will have the opportunity to see the wonderful Cinema Rif, go watch movies or have tea on the terrace where you will enjoy the energy and local life in front of the 9 de Abril square.

4. In this port you will find many restaurants with typical or contemporary food.

5. You can rest in modern cafes or old cafeterias that are jewels of the city, where the locals give life to the place.

6. This city is an excellent base to start your trip and will welcome you to Morocco with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

7. You will have the opportunity to visit capes, beaches, the port and parks to get fresh air and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

8. In addition to being able to visit historical sites that reflect Tangier’s past, visits to the souk will be the best way to learn about the multicultural heritage and life full of traditions and customs that the inhabitants of the city show to the rest of the world.

9. In the noisy and bustling souk of Tangier you will discover very interesting street food. It is one of the best in Morocco!

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