Surfing Class in Morocco

Morocco has long been a top choice for European surfers seeking to escape the chilly winters and travel to a place with sun, warm water, and challenging righthand spots. Morocco, which is only 13 kilometers over the Straits of Gibraltar in the north from Europe, offers a distinctive African culture and waves throughout its 2500 kilometers of coastline. There are waves in Essaouira, Dakhla, Rabat, Safi, and Casablanca, as well as in Taghazout. These are only some of the other cities where you can experience surfing in Morocco.

The 1,835 kilometers of coastline in Morocco are perfect for surfing, and the majority of beaches are readily accessible, either by public transportation or with your own car, making Morocco accept hundreds of surfers every winter searching for the finest surf resorts in this beautiful tourist destination. The beaches are long and clean, the waves grow extremely huge, and renting surfboards in Morocco is very inexpensive.

Trying surf in Morocco’s coastline is a perfect experience you should have, you can find a school in your target destination that offers lessons about surfing and learn more about how to surf correctly and get all the structures you may need to practice this sport by the instructors and by attending the lessons in your school next to the beach either you are a beginner and new in the sport or a professional in the domain, nice qualify guides are waiting for you in every surf spot you may choose to do this activity in.

Morocco’s Atlantic coastline offers a variety of surfing locations, including Essaouira, Magic Bay, Imsouane, Banana Point, Aourir, La Source, Hash Point, and Boilers, Taghazout (…). These are just a handful of the school names you may choose from among the tens of others that are accessible to everyone who wants to try this sport.


  • Transportation in a comfortable vehicle.
  • Enjoy the coastlines of Morocco.
  • Experience surfing on the beach with qualified instructors.
  • Take a lesson on surfing and learn how to surf in private or in a group..

Detailed Itinerary

Surfing Class in Morocco

Take the advantage of a full day of surfing in Morocco, which is home to the main surfing private schools and hotspots, including the famous Surfers Village “Taghazout” and the windy city of Essaouira, which hold many different beaches to practice surfing in the best way and take lessons and learn of how to do surf in the incorrect beach way with the best of instructors.

We will drive you directly to the spots of surf and where surfing camps are located, so you will be able to learn much about the beach and take surf class lessons after we pick you up from your hotel in Essaouira or Taghazout. In Morocco, Essaouira is a stunning destination for travelers and surfers. It has a harbor, a castle built in the 18th century, and an authentic Medina. Essaouira is also included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Essaouira is the suggested place for this kind of sport because of the city’s numerous surfing spots and the city’s consistently windy weather, which makes it ideal for this activity and others like it.
There are several places to experience and learn to surf in Essaouira, like “Essaouira bay,” which is a great place to learn to surf and practice calm surfing. Also, you can practice surfing in “Sidi Kaouki,”; a tiny community that can be reached by car from Essaouira in just over 30 minutes. It’s quickly rising to the top of this Moroccan coastline’s surf towns. You can find surf spots also in ‘Plage Tagharte,’ which is a common name for the main beachfront of Essaouira’s southern section. It receives better, bigger, and more regular waves because it is here more exposed to the open Atlantic than the rest of the shore.

What is more, Taghazout is also a good place to practice surfing. One of the best schools of surfing in Morocco is found in Taghazout. Anchor Point is well-known for its beach, waves, and surfing lessons provided by the top instructors who will be with you during the lesson and work with you either in a group or in private.

The smooth lines and regularity throughout all tides make this the most well-known surf spot in Morocco. A more sandy stretch down the point offers sporadic green chambers but otherwise presents itself as an endless succession of speed walls and cutback hooks. It functions well on all tides and, when it’s particularly large, can provide a chance to ride back surfing into Taghazout.

Enjoy your full day in these to learn about the surf on the beach by taking several lessons about this sport in a private local school or camps that will provide the best lesson for a good surf experience, and take the fantastic test of surfing in the Moroccan coastlines with the best qualify guide.

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