Merzouga camel ride

The best and most appropriate camel rides in Morocco are offered by Merzouga Camel Trekking, which gives you the chance to travel through the tallest and most impressive sand dunes in the nation, Erg Chebbi.

The camel trekking experience is one of Merzouga Desert’s most famous features, as seen in many photographs taken there. It has come to be associated with traveling to the Moroccan Sahara Desert and staying at a camp that is well-equipped for camping under the stars in the middle of the desert for at least one night.

Riding a camel in the Sahara desert of Merzouga is a good choice for every visitor who wants to discover the real meaning of the desert, by going slowly on the back of the camel in a long tour around the dunes of Erg-Chebbi. This tour over camels will allow you to enjoy the beauty of one of the best views you may ever see in the world, the sunset from the highest dunes in Merzouga which reach up to 180 meters high, you can have enough time to relax on the dunes of sand and take pictures for those unforgettable moments.

This tour will allow you to spend a night under the stars in a traditional/ luxury tent in the deep of the Sahara desert of Merzouga, where a wonderful night with Gnawa musicians around the fire is waiting for you to experience with the local people living there, you will enjoy a memorable night that full of surprises and joyful. More than that, you will have the chance to catch the sunrise of the following day as you get up early and enjoy the feeling of freshness in the early morning.


  • Ride a camel as you trek over Morocco’s Erg Chebbi Dunes.
  • Enjoy the tour on Camel’s back.
  • Wear like Saharan desert men.
  • Catch the sunset and take the most beautiful pictures.
  • Feasting the delicious traditional Moroccan tagine meal.
  • Play drums around the fire and have a cup of tea.
  • Sleep under the stars and watch the sun rise over the dunes of the Sahara Desert.
  • Wake up early and see the sunrise on the big dunes of sand in the Merzouga Sahara desert.
  • Relish the lifestyle of desert nomads by setting and having breakfast. 

Detailed Itinerary

Merzouga camel ride

Taking a camel trek and spending the night in Merzouga’s Sahara desert under the stars will be an experience you’ll never forget. It will add something special to your adventure, and you’ll get to enjoy the local music, drumming, delicious food, and sleeping in the desert under a gorgeous sky full of stars!

Your interesting trip will take place once you leave your car and get on the back of your camel after picking up everything necessary for the night in the camps. You will enjoy the camel trekking in a large tour around the dunes of Erg-Chebbi in the late afternoon before the sun goes down.

Before reaching the camp where you will spend the night, the camel ride will last for around two hours in the vast desert. After arriving, Berber men who live in tents will greet you and offer you a cup of tea in accordance with the Saharan custom. You will also have the opportunity to halt up the dunes to view the most breathtaking sunset in the globe. Take your time to take in this once-in-a-lifetime experience and capture it on camera. Additionally, you will have the chance to try out boarding on the sand.

After your break, bear in mind that you have the entire night to experience the Sahara nights in your camps. We are providing numerous things that you will unquestionably admire, such as playing drums around a fire and dancing to Gnawa music. You may also feel free to chat with Berber men about their culture; you’ll find them to be humble and gentle. Then relish your fantastic traditional dinner in a joyful situation.

Next morning, It is advisable to rise early to witness a stunning sunrise over the dunes, followed by a hearty breakfast, a quick shower, and a camel ride back to Merzouga village or the location where we picked you up. If you do not wish to ride camels again, we will transform you using our conveyance.

Additional information:
  • We provide a reliable, professional, and friendly service. Also, We will pick you up from your accommodation or airport, take you to the slopes on time and return you safely to your destination
  • In addition to the first-class service, we have free wifi, water, pillows, and a wide variety of music in our vehicles for your amazing journey.
  • Please contact us for the desired tour, pricing, and more information: [email protected]


  • Included

    Accommodations during the tour
    Comfortable air-conditioned vehicle
    English or Spanish speaking driver
    Pick-up and drop-off at your accommodations
  • Not Included

    Entry fees
    Some complementary dinners
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