Cooking Class in Morocco

Many visitors to Morocco are in awe of the culinary scene, which features mouthwatering tagines, succulent brochettes, heaping bowls of steaming couscous, and a variety of regional delicacies to enjoy. Moroccan food often uses locally sourced, fresh ingredients and a variety of spices to add taste. Bread is usually served alongside meals since Moroccans adore it! Visitors can learn how to prepare their preferred Moroccan foods at home at a number of cooking schools, riads, and restaurants that provide the best cooking classes either online or in the kitchen. A wonderful culinary experience with a local chef will make you learn about the best food of Moroccans.

Moroccan cuisine belongs to ancient times and is very diverse, You can find salty food as well as sweet food that really attracts every tester after eating. Couscous, Tagine, Tanjia, El Rafissa, El Harira, Machwi, Al Madfouna, and so many other meals are the famous Moroccan foods that visitors love to try and eat while being in Morocco.

Several cuisine classes are open for every visitor who wants to learn about Moroccan cuisine and to prepare the food him/herself with the assistance of a local qualified chef who will give all instructions and guide you during the making process, starting with you from buying the basics and needs for the meal, until the final result of presenting the meal and enjoying it. You are free to choose and customize the Moroccan meal you want to try with your hands and to cook more than one meal if you want to.

You can cook wherever you go in Morocco during your trip, whether you are in Marrakech or any other city that offers cooking classes. Fes, Meknes, Rabat, Agadir, and Tangier are all good cities for tourists to practice cooking and enjoy Moroccan cuisine with specialists.


  • Enjoy Moroccan cooking classes.
  • Learn about Moroccan cuisine.
  • Participate in making Local Moroccan food.
  • Attend cooking classes with the top chef.
  • Visits Souk-local Market.
  • Engage in buying vegetables and the kitchen needs.

Detailed Itinerary

Cooking Class in Morocco

The flavors and spices in Moroccan cuisine are intense. You desire to eat until you are physically unable to do so. A Moroccan meal is always a pleasure, from the starter of bread and salads to the delectable tagine for the main course, from the fresh fruit and Moroccan sweets for dessert to the typical sweet mint tea.

Cooking classes featuring Moroccan cuisine are available, teaching you the best culinary techniques in this country with a wide variety of cuisines.
Although there are numerous Moroccan food recipes available online, getting instruction from a local expert is the best method to learn how to prepare Moroccan cuisine, which makes you prepare the food by your hands and cook in front of qualified chefs in a guided cooking class. We will suggest some of the Moroccan cuisines that will help you learn how to cook and practice making Moroccan food.

Maison Mk, Marrakech

Maison Mk, tucked away inside a posh Marrakech hotel, provides several possibilities, each distinct or private, for people looking to learn how to prepare traditional Moroccan foods. A half-day course class is a choice to put your hands on cooking equipment. They will lead you on a tour of the Mellah market, where you will learn everything about regional ingredients and cooking techniques.

All the meat, fish, poultry, fruits, and vegetables you’ll need to prepare your feast may be purchased here in this cooking class. Following that, you will discover how to make tajine, mint tea, and traditional Moroccan salads. You’ll have a deeper understanding of the Moroccan kitchen by learning about these three staples of Moroccan food!

You come to understand the significance of Moroccan bread as you explore the country. Every area in the ancient city has its own wood-fired oven, including Maison Mk. They will show you how to cook this bread the old-fashioned way in a shared wood-fired oven so that you can experience the true flavor of Morocco.

Café Clock, Fes

Students spend the entire day at Café Clock classes in Fes, learning how to make traditional Moroccan cuisine, from creating the menu to finishing the dishes. This super school kitchen provides the best of meals either online or inside the school kitchen. For their culinary knowledge and instruction, Café Clock and Chef Souad are well respected. One of the most popular things to do in Fes is to take a cooking class at Café Clock. Make sure to reserve a place in advance if you’re interested in including this in your vacation

As you create your own custom menu in the morning, your culinary experience begins. You will take your shopping list to the market to choose the freshest produce and ingredients for the cooking class, as well as get help from the local council, who will subsequently instruct you on how to prepare the meal. You will have gained knowledge of certain traditional Moroccan culinary methods by the time this cooking class and take a new cooking adventure by learning how Moroccan food is prepared and try to make the same in your home country and improve your cooking skills.

Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of meals and other classes of cooking, including tagine, djaj (chicken), meshwi (grill), lamb with prunes, pastilla couscous, traditional Moroccan soups, and salads. Moroccan mint tea, Moroccan sweets such as Cookies, Mahancha, and Makrout, as well as bread that you make and take to the neighborhood Farran (oven). All these meals are ready to be taught to you by the expert chefs in their kitchens and online, too, if you are interested in that to master Moroccan cuisine.

This course is highly recommended since it gives you a chance to learn about every step involved in creating a delicious Moroccan feast by attending cooking classes and getting knowledge of how Moroccan food is prepared with the assistance of expert local chefs.

This cooking class is for beginners and advanced, and also kids can participate and use their hands in these classes to make a good Moroccan meal.

Riad Lahboul, Meknes

This riad, a traditional Moroccan guesthouse, offers both overnight accommodations and cooking lessons to its visitors. Although there is a discount for riad guests, anyone can attend the classes. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can choose to enroll in classes that run a full day, a half day, or even several days of classes.

They are frequently included in the courses if you wanted to go to the neighborhood market or communal bread oven to get fresh ingredients and produce. You can soon find yourself learning how to prepare delectable Moroccan salads, tagines, pastries, and some native cuisine like “Al halwa Al filaria” with the assistance of their amazing instructors.

Always remember that this cooking class is open to both novices and professional chefs. Children are welcome to attend and use their hands to prepare a tasty Moroccan feast and improve their skills in cooking and learn more about the Moroccan kitchen.

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