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Todra Gorges in Tinghir Morocco

Todra Gorges – Whims of nature

Todra Gorges – Whims of nature

If you like the whimsical formations of nature, one of your favorite places in Morocco will be the Todra Gorges, along with the so-called Dadès Gorges after the name of the river that has shaped them. They are located more than 300 km east of Marrakech. In this article, we tell you why it is becoming a place increasingly visited by tourists and why it should not be missing from the trip to Morocco that our agency can organize for you.

The rock, made art by the whim of nature

The element that distinguishes the Todra Gorges is its rock, calcite, which has given rise to spectacular formations due to the erosion of the Dadès River, which today turned into little more than a humble trickle of water. The highlight is its gorges, on some occasions truly embedded in the landscape, barely 33 meters wide by 100 meters high on the wall. An authentic natural corridor!

On other occasions, it is the hand of man that gives it a unique appearance, especially due to the winding route of the road that crosses this area, the R703. To give a different note of color to the other that predominates in the Todra Gorges, you will find different palm groves, such as those of Assoul or Ighri.

Todra Gorges, a mecca for climbers

The Dadès Gorges and the Todra Gorges have become, for obvious reasons, great attraction poles for climbers who want to ascend quality walls in exotic and little-crowded environments, thus fleeing the already hackneyed European areas. The Spanish and French, above all, set out to climb the numerous routes in this place, which run through these rough and hard, compact, and abrasive stones. Its difficulty is rather low, with routes that reach a 5+. However, one of its great attractions is its orientation, which makes the Todra Gorgesan an unbeatable place to climb all year round: in winter, the sunny walls are pleasant, while in summer, climbing in the most recessed areas of the corridor will guarantee you shade for practically the whole day.

Surrounding attractions: the Valley of Roses

With the exception of climbers, who see the Todra Gorges as the final destination of their trip, most tourists are passing through these places. The good news is that very close to here there are other places of interest that can be visited on the same day. For example, the so-called Valley of the Roses, with the town of Kelaa M’gouna, fortified and the epicenter of this area famous for its rose bushes, for the distillation of its essences, and for its production of perfumes based on this plant.

The Todra Gorges are part of numerous Best Morocco Travel circuits, as they are usually an intermediate stage on the routes between Marrakech and the Sahara desert, crossing the Atlas. Review all our itineraries in the Routes & Circuits section, especially those that start from Marrakech, where you can check it out.

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