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Tinghir in Morocco

Tinghir in Morocco what to see

Tinghir in Morocco what to see

To the south of the Atlas, where these mountains shake hands with the vast territory of the Sahara desert, stands the small city of Tinghir (in Morocco it is pronounced in this second way, but in this article, we will use both forms interchangeably ). In fact, its name means “the mountain city” in Tamazight, the native language of the place, a variant of Amazigh or Berber. And it surprises everyone who visits it due to its peculiar location and various places of interest. Therefore, in this post, we tell you what you should visit if you pass through here. And we remind you that many of our circuits that lead to the desert pass precisely through Tinghir, in the ‘deep Morocco’, within what is usually known as the Route of the Thousand Kasbahs.

Tinghir in Morocco

Tinghir palm grove

The great claim is the Tinghir Palm Grove. Morocco enjoys great fame, and also among many foreign travelers, who do not hesitate to cross it on the road trip that takes them from the Atlas to the dunes of the Merzouga desert, or vice versa. It is striking that in an environment as arid as that of the Draa-Tafilalet region, such an extensive and fertile palm grove can arise, irrigated by the Todra River, although it is more of a wadi (a river that loses its flow for a good part of the year). ). Of course, it is used with endless orchards, but it also offers many possibilities for walks or even off-road bicycles, something that increasingly attracts more travelers. In addition, it is advisable to go to the ‘viewpoint of the palm grove’, located about 2 km in the direction of the gorges: from here the extension and magnitude of this green ‘spot’ is well understood,

Tinghir kasbah

In Morocco, and especially in this area south of the Atlas, there are many kasbahs, so one could not be missing in this town. Actually, there are two: one old and one new, both ordered to be built by Thami El Glaoui, the Lord of the Atlas, Somebody in this area at the start of the 20th century owned so many things. The old one is in a dilapidated state and the new one is better preserved. It should be said that they are not the most spectacular, but they serve to learn about its history and offer another interesting vision of the city’s surroundings, a peculiar mix of mountains, desert, and oasis.

Jewish quarter or Mellah of Tinghir

In Morocco, there are also many cities with Jewish quarters or Mellah, but they are not so numerous south of the Atlas. However, Tinghir is one that can proudly say that it hosted one, called Ait El Haj Ali. It is a small neighborhood of adobe houses and narrow streets, which is currently no longer populated by Jewish people. However, it maintains its charm, above all because it preserves many humble shops where handicrafts are sold in many cases, especially costume jewelry and clothing.

These three (palm grove, kasbah, and mellah) are the main attractions of Tinghir. And in Morocco, it is also known for being the prelude to the Todra Gorges, as we tell you in this post. Therefore, you will not lack reasons to stop your route and visit this charming little town.

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