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Safi pottery

Safi Pottery, Traditional Ceramics – Morocco

Safi Pottery, Traditional Ceramics – Morocco

As we explained to you on our page about Moroccan crafts, ceramics are one of the best examples of the expertise of professionals in this activity. For this reason, your trip to the country is the best opportunity to discover and acquire the most outstanding examples. In this post we tell you what it is like and where to find Safi ceramics, one of the most original and valued in Morocco.

Safi pottery

How is the ceramic of Safi

Safi pottery is a hallmark of this city on the Atlantic coast. For many, you can look at the ceramics of Fes, the most internationally famous, from ‘one to one’. What is certain is that it presents some interesting peculiarities of its own.

In this case, the chromatic variety of his pieces is even greater: many maintain a brown that evokes the natural color of the clay, but many others are filled with rich colors, such as green or yellow. In addition, numerous pieces are covered in white and embellished with details in blue. In all cases, the decorative motifs are rich and completely cover the piece, with geometric shapes, plant shapes or even Kufic writing being common.

But not only is the chromatic range varied, but also the elaborate typologies. At a popular level, tajines are highly acclaimed: containers to serve this famous Moroccan dish But decorative plates, kitchen trousseau or vases, among others, are no less common.

Where to find pottery in Safi

If you travel to Safi, you will have no problem finding ceramic pieces as a souvenir, since they are a tourist attraction that is sold in many places in the city. But without a doubt, the most characteristic place to find it is the hill of the potters: in this neighborhood, many local artisans still sell their own productions, thus fighting against the industrial and relocated production that is already making its way in some stores. And some of them reach really high prices, although the average cost of these objects is usually not very expensive.

Safi pottery

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Another good option for those more interested in Safi ceramics is the National Ceramics Museum, located in the same city. By visiting it, you will not only be able to learn how these clay-based objects are made, but also purchase pieces that are put on sale for visitors.

And as a curious note, another outstanding example of Safi pottery is the world’s largest tajine: it is a monumental size tajine, thus adopting the appearance of a dwarf house, located in one of the busiest squares in the city. It is, therefore, an original way of converting Safi’s hallmark into a meeting place.

As you can see, Safi pottery is a tourist attraction in itself, which attracts many travelers to this city… although it has many other things to offer, especially those related to its Portuguese past. Contact us and we will help you organize a trip to this destination.

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