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New Year's Eve in Morocco

New Year’s Eve in Morocco

New Year’s Eve in Morocco

Spending the end of the year in Morocco in 2023 is a great plan. The most unique suggestion is to start over in the center of the Sahara Desert, but you can use these days to travel to the nation and take one of the routes we provide on our website. In this article, we tell you some details that may interest you if you are going to make a trip of this type.

New Year's Eve in Morocco

Special days in the midst of normality

One of the attractions of coming to Morocco on New Year’s Eve in 2023 is that you will find a country in its normal daily rhythm. This is something different from what you will notice if you travel these days to other countries in the world that share our same calendar, where you will experience the inconveniences of the party in style on December 31, but also the discomfort of finding everything closed to the streets, and I sing on January 1.

On the other hand, if you want to take advantage of these days to get to know the true heartbeat of society, coming to Morocco on New Year’s Eve this 2023 is an unbeatable option, since for them the 31st and 1st are completely normal days since in this country a different calendar: the Islamic one.

Our plan for your New Year’s Eve in Morocco in 2023

For several years, at Best Morocco Travel we have been organizing special trips to spend New Year’s Eve in Morocco. And in 2022 we maintain our idea since we have verified that these are propitious dates to visit some corners of the country. For example, the Sahara desert, which is the highlight of our route. Up to here, we arrived on the 31st, more specifically to the Ouzina desert, full of dunes where it is only possible to get there by 4×4. Berber drum music, photographs of the magical sunset, or contemplation of a mesmerizing starry sky are some of the ingredients of this day, in which there will be no shortage of grapes and toasts. In addition to this, in this type of end-of-year trip, we usually include other places of interest, spread over up to 8 days of the circuit: Marrakech, Ait Benhaddou, Ouarzazate, Zagora, Merzouga, and many other corners of the south of the country.

Other proposals for the end of the year in Morocco

And if you have already made this trip to the desert on another occasion, be it New Year or on other dates, you can opt for other routes in alternative but equally interesting regions. Many of them depart from Marrakech, which is also the starting point of this New Year’s Eve in Morocco 2023 package. But others begin in Fes, a great cultural pole in the center of the country, in Casablanca, which also has an international airport, in Tangier, a large northern seaport, or even in Ceuta, a city in Spain that acts as the country’s entryway from Spanish territory.

Please do not hesitate to contact our agency. if Morocco is where you want to spend the last days of the year. We will make you enjoy every moment!

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