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Moroccan Traditions

Moroccan traditions to keep in mind

Moroccan traditions to keep in mind

Like all countries, Morocco has its own traditions that, logically, must be known and respected. In this post, we tell you 8 Moroccan traditions that will surprise you and that you have to keep in mind during your trip. But in reality, there are many more: to expand this information you can go to our Customs and traditions section, where we explain them to you in detail and give you advice on what to do and what not to do during your stay. As you will see, the “Wherever you go, do what you see”, from the Spanish proverb, will take on special value on this occasion.

Moroccan Traditions

Tea is much more than just a drink

Offering tea is a gesture of hospitality, which Moroccans perform even with strangers, such as tourists. It is taken at all hours and is also a good way to combat dehydration in regions and periods of great heat.

Take off your shoes to enter a house

Another Moroccan traditions is to take off your shoes when entering a house. And since the mosque is the house of God, you should also do the same when entering one of these prayer houses, if non-Muslims are allowed to enter.

Ramadan: follow it or at least respect it

One of the many tradition in Morocco and other Muslim countries is Ramadan. If your trip coincides with this fasting period, you will not need to comply with it to the letter, but you will at least have to respect it as much as possible: do not eat in public places or in front of other people’s eyes.

Eating with the right hand, education sign

Another custom to take into account when traveling through Morocco is eating with the right hand. The left is considered ‘impure’, as it is used for intimate hygiene.

The greeting is more formal and sincere

You will also have to use your right hand for greetings. If it is between people of different sex, it will always be done with a light handshake. Kisses are only reserved for greetings between Moroccan men, who can also walk hand in hand simply as a sign of friendship. The kiss as a greeting between men and women occurs only when they have a lot of trust in each other. And don’t be surprised if they ask you about your family: it is customary to ask about your health and that of your loved ones at the time of greeting.

Haggling is not an offense

One of the things that may catch your attention when traveling in Morocco is the custom of haggling. So much so that some merchants may be offended if the customer accepts the price the first time. In fact, in many shops, the items do not show a price precisely because the figure has yet to be closed between the seller and the buyer.

Alcohol: always with common sense

There are not majority of restaurants that sell alcohol, which demonstrates its low consumption in the country. If you feel like having a beer, always do it in bars where it is allowed, never on the street. Nor is it well seen for a person to show symptoms that they have had one drink too many.

The family, an entire institution

Moroccans are very familiar and all members have a very important role. Especially the elderly, who always. receive the utmost respect and the best care. In addition, the opinion of elderly women is usually the most respected in the family nucleus. contact us here and plan your trip to Morocco.

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