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moroccan tagine

Moroccan tagine how and where to eat it

Moroccan tagine how and where to eat it

There is no doubt that currently many of the trips that are organized have one of their great attractions in gastronomy. Or even, its main attraction. And in Morocco the same thing can happen. For this reason, in this blog we also dedicate some posts to the most famous and characteristic dishes of the country. This is one of them: the Moroccan tagine. Take note to know how it is and where you can eat.

moroccan tagine

What is and what does the Moroccan tajine contain?

The Moroccan tagine, also sometimes called a tajine, is one of the country’s most famous dishes. It is, to understand us, like paella in Spain. And as with her, it cannot be said that there is only one recipe, but rather many. And some are so tasty, original and different from each other such as chicken with lemon and olives, lamb with caramelized quince, beef with vegetables, kefta or sardines, among many others.

Those are the main ingredients of their respective tajines, but there are others in the background that often make the difference between a good tajine and an extraordinary one. Here, the list is again huge, although some very typical of Morocco are chickpeas, walnuts, carrots, plums, almonds or raisins. And of course, the spices, which give the final and great touch: coriander, turmeric, ginger and many more, as well as the perfect mix of all of them: Ras el Hanout. Finally, another of the things that cannot be missing is the couscous to accompany it, something that they will offer you in all the restaurants where this dish is served.

How to cook a tagine

Although on your trip to Morocco you will only be in charge of savoring it and not cooking it, it is interesting to know how it is done, as it will help you understand the final result. Returning to the previous parallelism with the Spanish paella, the Moroccan tajine is also characterized by the container used for its preparation. In this case, we call tajine the varnished clay dish, with little bottom, on which an unmistakable conical lid is placed.

This lid is not used by chance or for decoration. It is what gives the final touch to the dish, which follows these steps: at first, the ingredients are sautéed in olive oil, generally with onion and garlic, later they are stewed in tomato concentrate or another broth and finally they are left to cook over very low heat with the aforementioned conical lid, thus bringing out all the flavor of each ingredient. The purpose of this conical lid? Preventing the steam from being lost and the dish from drying out, so it is possible to concentrate said steam at the top of the lid, allowing it to precipitate again over the stew.

moroccan tagine

Where to eat this dish in Marrakech

As you can imagine, the list of restaurants that cook Moroccan tajine in this country is simply endless. But the experience of our agency, which takes us to all corners of Morocco and to the tables of the most diverse places, allows us to give you some names with which you will be more than satisfied:

• Bazaar Cafe – in Marrakech – al fassia – La Mamounia – The Arab House – Dar Yacout – Bakchich Cafe

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