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Mint tea in morocco

5 Reasons to Drink Mint Tea in Morocco

5 Reasons to Drink Mint Tea in Morocco

As you already know, having mint tea in Morocco also called Moorish tea, is one of the most established customs and a courtesy gesture that should not be rejected. However, you do not have to consider it as an obligation: there are many reasons why it is worth trying this drink so typical of the country. Therefore, in this article we tell you 5 reasons that will convince you of it.

Mint tea in Morocco

1 – A good way to get in touch with Moroccans

As we said, offering tea, in Morocco, is a gesture of courtesy and hospitality on the part of a host, whether in a home, in a commercial establishment or in any other context. So think of it as a good opportunity to get in touch with the local population. You can deal with general, professional and even personal topics without being invasive or intrusive, which will give you a sample of the character and situation of the population.

2 – A very genuine taste

Moroccan tea has a special flavor, largely because it is mixed with mint to remove the bitterness of the tea naturally, although sugar is also used to sweeten the drink, of course. In addition, it undergoes a process to eliminate impurities that makes it appetizing. even more appetizing.

3 – A way to combat dehydration

As you can see, tea is drunk all over Morocco: in the north and in the south, on the coast and in the mountains. And so it happens because it is a good way to combat dehydration due to the high temperatures in the country. Although a cold drink can refresh us more, in reality a hot drink hydrates us better, since it forces our body to work less to regulate the temperature, with the consequent lower energy expenditure associated with it.

Mint tea in Morocco

4 – Delight yourself with the associated trousseau

As it is a gesture of courtesy and kindness, the trousseau used to serve mint tea in Morocco is always of high quality. For example, glasses with their decorated edges are used, as if they were embroidered, with geometric or plant decoration. The metallic teapot, as well as the tray, are also authentic wonders in many cases, especially when they integrate colorful ceramic inlays, demonstrating the high quality of Moroccan artisans.

5 – Enjoy the moment associated with a tea in Morocco

Sometimes, what is beautiful is not only the tasting of the product, but the enjoyment of the context of that tasting. And often, Moroccan tea is the icing on the cake of a very special moment. It can be a terrace with panoramic views, a comfortable after-dinner seated on cushions around a low table, a welcome reception in a Berber tent in the middle of the desert, etc. If it’s a situation like this or similar, you don’ t want your tea to ever run out… even if you don’t like this drink!

As you can see, having tea in Morocco can be a unique experience. And if you organize your trip with us, rest assured that it will not be missing. Contact Best Morocco Travel and start planning an authentic trip to this amazing country.

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