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Is Morocco Safe to Travel?

Is Morocco Safe to Travel?

Is Morocco Safe to Travel?

No doubt, Morocco is the safest country in North Africa. But when planning to go to Morocco, you would wonder whether Morocco is Safe to Travel to? So its answer is quite simple Morocco is a safe country to visit, but common crimes can be found in Morocco. Let’s explore Is Morocco a Safe Country to travel to?

Yes, you read it right that Morocco is a safe country to visit. It is the best place for tourists from all over the world. No doubt that Morocco consists of many historical and architectural monuments. The most important thing that makes Morocco so unique is its culture and history.

Morocco has a lot to offer in terms of sights, sounds, and tastes. The country is prosperous and beautiful, but it also offers rich culture and traditions, unlike many other countries. There are many places to visit in Morocco, including the cities like Marrakech, Rabat, Tangier, Fes, etc.

The weather of Morocco is scorching and dry, yet people from all around the world find it very comfortable to live there. One can easily enjoy the tour to this country and their family members or friends. There are many reasons people choose this place to spend their holidays or make some business events.

How safe is it to travel to Morocco?

One can easily enjoy their tour in this place without any tension or fear of danger or robbery. It is not like other countries where tourists have to be more careful about their belongings and security. Here in Morocco, one can easily walk alone on the road without any fear or tension.

The most famous monument in this country is the historical city of Fes el-Bali. This city is full of various historical monuments like the famous Kairouine Mosque, Bouinania Medersa, Ben Youssef Mosque and University, Madrasa Bouanania, Dar Si Said Museum, Dar El Barka and Chellah Archaeological Park, etc.

From here you can reach other renowned places in no time. If you wish to visit other parts of this country, there are many options. You can choose either by road or by airways. The streets in this country are very smooth and better than in most countries. Hence, if you wish to travel by road, it would be a great experience.

The other option would be to fly or take a flight to your desired destination and then use road transport to travel within the city. All major airlines offer cheap flights to all parts of Morocco, but some airlines cost much.

Tourism in Morocco

Tourism has a significant contribution to the economy of the country—tourists from all over the world visit Morocco for recreation and entertainment. There are a lot of things worth seeing in Morocco.

Yes, you heard it right that Morocco is the safest beautiful place for tourists worldwide. It is a famous country for its tourist attractions, history, and architectural monuments. Morocco has the best places to visit, like Marrakech, Casablanca, Tangier, etc. Many other countries are also there, but they are not as safe as Morocco. It is one of the safest countries to visit.

Morocco has a rich culture and heritage and many historical monuments. Morocco is also known for its delicious and mouthwatering cuisines. The food of Morocco is usually spicy and light on the stomach. The popular dishes in morocco are couscous, tagine, shakshouka, tajine , harira, pastilla etc . No doubt that it is one of the best places to visit.

Playing in Morocco Waters

If you are looking for a new adventure in your life, I recommend you visit Morocco. In this country, you can play in its waters. This attracts people of all ages. What’s more exciting than playing in the water? And the most exciting part is that you do not need to be a great swimmer to enjoy this activity.

One thing worth considering is that water surfing requires a tremendous amount of trust and confidence between the two parties involved.

The diver must be confident enough to let the surfer step on him, while the surfer must be trustworthy enough to make sure he will not hurt his partner by putting all his weight on him. You should learn from a professional before trying this sport with your friends, especially if you are new.

Golf in Morocco

If you are a sports lover, visiting Morocco will be a perfect choice because you can find many sports here. Especially if you love Golf, visiting Morocco will be a good choice. Because in Morocco you will find the beautiful lonely beach where you can play Golf. You need to go to Agadir Taghazout and play Golf in this beautiful place.

Morocco is very famous for its sports. In Morocco, football is the most popular game, but there are other games like rugby, basketball, handball, etc. The King of Morocco loves cricket, so he played cricket with Indian prime minister Narendra Modi.

The King of Morocco also loves horse racing and football, and he owns many horses as well. The king of Morocco is also keen on wrestling, and he organizes wrestling matches in his palace almost once a year.

Hot Springs of Meknes

Besides being known as the former imperial city, Meknes is famous for its hot springs. Although it is not a well-advertised fact, there is a cluster of natural hot springs within an hour’s drive from the city center. The hot springs are located in small, beautiful villages where people are warm, friendly, and welcoming. It’s the perfect place to reconnect with nature and have some quiet time for yourself.

Is Morocco Safe to Travel?

Morocco is safe for all types of traveling. Morocco is the safest country in North Africa and has been voted one of the top 10 safest countries globally. Since 2011, it has been fighting against ISIS to keep its democracy and has kept itself secure despite being in the middle of a war. The country’s tourism ministry has improved tourist facilities and infrastructure and is taking steps to make tourism a significant part of its economy.

The government has made some efforts to help travelers feel safer. For example, they’ve put many signs at major tourist sites where pickpockets are known to work, warning tourists not to fall prey. Many police officers will try to keep an eye on tourists and locals, although you might be able to spot them first because they’re usually wearing a reflective vest.

Many hotels have security guards that walk around, making sure everything’s okay, especially in areas that have experienced a significant amount of theft or violence against tourists. You can request these extra security measures when you book your hotel room (although it may be an additional charge). Many Peoples may ask us again is morocco safe to travel they can see, Morocco Ranks 53rd absolute best country for tourism.

Common Crimes in Morocco

No country is entirely null of ordinary crimes. Despite being the safest country in North Africa, Morocco also has common crimes. Objects that are easy to steal or difficult to identify. Mobile phones, money, and passports are Morocco’s most common stolen goods. It is advised not to flash your valuables around, especially in tourist areas.


In cities, tourists gather, and pickpocketing can occur at any moment. Several gangs of pickpockets work together, with one person creating a distraction while others do the actual stealing. Some of these gangs appear to be well-organized groups.

In busy streets and markets, you should be careful about people bumping into you or trying to divert your attention. It would help if you watched out for people trying to distract you by asking for directions or calling out to you using their hands as fans or umbrellas.

Although Morocco is generally a safe place for traveller’s, you can still take some precautions to protect yourself from ordinary crimes. The most common crimes against tourists in Morocco are pickpocketing and credit card fraud (such as skimming or cloning). Pickpocketing is the most frequent crime against tourists, so it’s essential to keep your valuables secure. Some tips for keeping your things safe are:

Don’t carry a bag with one strap, always leave your passport and other essential documents in your hotel safe, and don’t carry all of your money in one place. If you have a camera or mobile phone bag, bring it in front of you and zipped up so that no one can reach inside without seeing them do. If you have been pickpocketed, report it to the police immediately so they can try to track the thief down.

Lately, there has been an increase in credit card fraud in Morocco. This is due to more people buying goods online with their credit cards and traveling around the country making purchases in shops and restaurants. To avoid credit card fraud, only buy things from stores with a trusted name brand and don’t let anyone near your wallet when traveling—the best option would be to keep it in.

How to remain safe in Morocco

Morocco is a beautiful, warm country with friendly people and great food. It’s a popular vacation destination for people from all over the world. Unfortunately, it’s also a widespread place for tourists to be robbed. The Royal Moroccan Consulate in New York has kindly offered some tips on ways to avoid becoming a victim while visiting Morocco:

  • As you’re walking down the street, keep your bag in front of you and zip up so that no one can reach inside without you seeing them do it. If someone approaches you asking for directions or any other reason, keep walking as if you didn’t hear them or don’t understand what they’re saying. If possible, walk near other similarly occupied people so that it doesn’t appear that you’re alone.
  • If someone approaches asking for money or trying to sell something (to the extent that this is even possible when you don’t speak Arabic), keep walking without engaging in conversation with them. Try not to make eye contact if possible.
  • If someone starts following you and won’t take “no” or “go away” for an answer, try breaking into a run and find an open business with people around where you can ask for help.
  • If someone asks to use your phone, tell them you don’t have a phone. As far as crime goes, it’s essential to know if places are generally safe for tourists or if you should avoid them at all costs. No one wants to get mugged on their vacation, but it does happen sometimes.

Safest Cities to travel in Morocco?


Fes, Morocco’s third-largest city, is first on our list. This city has been a center of culture and trade for centuries and is the spiritual capital of Morocco. The people of Fes are known to be extraordinarily kind and generous. They treat all foreigners with respect, even if they do not speak the same language.

Fes is a very safe place because people here do not stare at outsiders or try to sell them anything on their streets. The people here love to help tourists, so they provide services like guidance and accommodation in their houses or direct you to the best places in town where you can get everything you need.


In the north of Morocco, there is a place called Tangier. It is a city on the Strait of Gibraltar with over 800 000 people.It is a popular resort because it has excellent beaches and warm weather. But if somebody says that this city is one of the safest places in Morocco, he would be wrong.

To avoid significant crimes like robberies or explosions in Tangiers, you need to be careful when visiting some areas: Medina, Petit Socco, Beausoleil, Cape Spartel, Guernica, and El-Mina. The best way to protect yourself from pickpockets is not to keep your money or credit cards in your pockets. The main criminal activity takes place on Friday between 19:00 and 22:00.


Meknes is one of the safest places in Morocco. It is not like other cities in Morocco. It is a very preserved city and you can get anything from there that you can expect from a city. One of the main reasons I would recommend this city to you is that it is very safe.

The police force there is excellent, and they do their job well. There are no violent crimes unless it happens between someone who knows each other. The people there are also amiable and helpful, so if you need help with anything, they will be more than happy to help. The only things that I would watch out for are pick-pocketers and thieves. However, if you take the proper precautions, you should be fine.


One of the best cities to visit in Morocco is Marrakech. I will tell you why Marrakech is one of the safest places in Morocco and why you shouldn’t worry about your safety if you plan to visit the city.

The first thing I would like to mention is that the local economy in Marrakech is based on tourism, which means that they want their visitors to feel safe and enjoy their stay. So they have special police patrols who walk around the city and make sure that everything is fine.

The most common crime here is pickpocketing, so you should keep your valuables under control and don’t carry too much cash or credit cards with you.

But as long as you use basic precautions, no one will try to steal from you. All in all, Marrakech is one of the safest places in Morocco!


It is a big question whether Morocco is safe or not. We can say that today Morocco is one of the top tourist destinations in Africa, and it is also one of the safest countries for tourists. You will remember the days you spend in Morocco. I hope you got an answer to your question most asked question “is morocco safe to travel?“.

It is also very safe for solo female travelers compared to other European countries. We can easily suggest that Morocco is a good choice if you plan to visit some country for recreation and entertainment. Morocco is a good choice for both nature lovers and history lovers. You can contact us any tour guide related to morocco.