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Moroccan mint tea

The Moroccan Tea how to prepare it

The Moroccan Tea how to prepare it

One thing that you should not miss on your trip to Morocco is to try the Moroccan mint tea or as they sometimes jokingly call it “Moroccan Whiskey” or “Berber Whiskey” which is undoubtedly the most popular drink in Morocco. Tea is an institution and is part of Moroccan life. It is taken at any time and for any excuse, it is a sign of hospitality and respect, which is why it is very common for us to be invited to have tea when we enter a house or a store.

Tea with peppermint, despite being served very hot, has a refreshing flavor thanks to the peppermint and helps us alleviate the heat. It is a great drink to have after eating as it helps us to digest and also to recover strength after a hard day.

Moroccan mint tea

Drinking a glass of tea in good company and having a pleasant chat is quite an experience that should not be overlooked. This is a drink for socializing and fraternizing. It is said that the best deals are closed in Morocco with a good glass of tea.

There are several ways to prepare Moroccan tea and its preparation and flavor also depend on the area of Morocco in which we are. Moroccan mint tea, in addition to having a mint, can take some leaves of lemon verbena, these leaves help to counteract the gases that mint causes, it is digestive, has a calming effect, and helps to fall asleep among its many other properties. Other plants that can be used to prepare tea is with Shiba or Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) that helps fight the cold and has medicinal and toning properties for the body. You can also add a drop of orange blossom water or a few jasmines leaves to the tea.

Tea from the Sahara area is darker and more bitter than in other areas of Morocco.

There is a famous Berber saying that says the following:

The first tea is smooth as life, the second sweet as love, and the third bitter as death

Ingredients to prepare the Tea (two people)

  • Green tea, 1 and a half tablespoons
  • Sugar, 3-4 tablespoons
  • Peppermint
  •  Water
  • Moroccan teapot

Moroccan mint tea
How to prepare and serve Moroccan Tea

Normally the tea is prepared with two teapots, the first one is usually of low quality and only serves to heat the water, and the second one, of better quality and much more attractive. This is where the already prepared tea is poured and served to the guests on a beautiful handmade silver tray.

Having said this, we begin with the preparations:

1. Fill the first kettle with water and bring it to a boil.

2. When it starts to boil, add the sugar (More or less a tablespoon per glass of tea it contains, although this is to taste since it must be taken into account that Moroccans like it very sweet)

3. Then we add a tablespoon or spoon and a half of green tea (depending on the size of the teapot) the sugar and tea are stirred for a long time in the teapot

4. Rinse the mint well and put it in the guest teapot.

5. We pour the contents of the first teapot into the guest’s one

6. We place the teapot and glasses around it on a beautifully engraved silver tray

7. We let it rest a bit and we serve it to the guests in each small glass.

Moroccan mint tea is great to combine with pastries or Moorish sweets. The gastronomy of Morocco is very rich and especially the pastries. We are sure that you will delight your guests.

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