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Flights Israel Morocco

Flights from Israel to Morocco these are the connections

Flights from Israel to Morocco these are the connections

Traveling between Israel and Morocco directly was, until recently, a pipe dream. But it is already a reality thanks to two routes that connect the main cities of both countries. That is precisely what we tell you in this post: take note of the flights between Israel and Morocco, especially if you plan to organize a combined circuit between both countries.

Flights Israel Morocco

Flights Israel to Morocco: what routes are there

Currently, there are two non-stop Israel-Morocco flights. They are the following routes:

  • Tel Aviv-Casablanca
  • Tel Aviv-Marrakech

Flights from Tel Aviv to Marrakech

It connects the main economic and financial city of Israel (Ben Gurion International Airport, TLV) with the most important city for tourism in Morocco (Menara International Airport, RAK). For this reason, there are many travelers who use this route to travel through Morocco, beginning their circuit in the so-called ‘Red City’.

The airline in charge of chartering these flights is Arkia, the second airline in Israel, and in some cases EL AL, which is the national Israeli company. The duration of the flight is 6 hours and 15 minutes, approximately. Of the two Israel-Morocco flights, this is usually the cheaper option.

Flights from Tel Aviv to Casablanca

It connects Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV) with the most populous city in Morocco (Mohammed V International Airport, CMN). A good part of the passengers who use this route do so for work reasons since Casablanca is about 90 km away from Rabat, the capital.

The company in charge of managing this route is Royal Air Maroc. The approximate duration of the flight is 5 hours and 50 minutes.

Flights Israel Morocco

Much more than a simple air connection

The Israel Morocco flights are much more than two simple direct air routes: they represent the best demonstration of the restoration of relations between both countries. And above all, they are an example of the relatively good relationship between Moroccans and Jews, as we tell you in this other post about the Jews in Morocco.

Let us remember that Morocco was a land of welcome for the Spanish Sephardim expelled from the Iberian Peninsula in the 14th and 15th centuries and that some prominent members of the government of the Alawite kings tend to be Jewish.

Although the Moroccan Jewish population is much smaller today than it was decades ago, mainly a consequence of the aliyah after the creation of the state of Israel, an estimated 5,000 still live in the country, especially in Casablanca.

Finally, it should be remembered that air connections are always subject to changes: sometimes they open, close, or resume depending on a wide variety of factors, such as diplomatic conflicts or health emergencies (coronavirus, for example). For this reason, we recommend you check in depth if the flights between Israel and Morocco that we are talking about in this post are still valid at the time of your reading. And if you need any other help with your trip, do not hesitate to contact

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