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Famous road with curves in Morocco

Famous road with curves in Morocco

Famous road with curves in Morocco

There are many images that are used as a tourist attraction to come to Morocco: the Koutoubia mosque in Marrakech, the ksar Ait Ben Haddou, the beautiful palaces of Fes, the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca… All of them are monuments built by man, with a clear artistic sense. On the other hand, there are other places that were not created with that idea but that are equally worth visiting and photographing. That is the case of a famous curvy road in Morocco. But… do you know where it is and how to get to it? We provide all the information in this article.

Famous road with curves in Morocco

Name of the famous curvy road in Morocco

The winding road in Morocco, which you will have seen so many times in photographs, is known as the Road to the Dades Gorge. It is a popular name since it does not have a name as such, although it does have a numbering: R704.

However, it is associated with that natural accident: the narrow course of the Dades River, which has carved enormously high walls in the rock. And in order to be able to circulate through the surroundings, the layout of the road has been forced to form impossible curves in some sections.

Specifically, the truly famous section is what is often known as the Dades Gorges, to bridge a large difference in elevation over a very short distance, the route forms a kind of figure winding that, seen from above, seems impossible.

In what circuits can we take you to this road

If you have been thinking about visiting this unique winding road in Morocco, the good news is that we can take you there in a safe and comfortable vehicle, with a driver, since some of our circuits pass through it. Or, at least, we can take a detour to reach the Gole de Dades Gorges and photograph it.

Specifically, it is common to pass through here in the circuits that include the so-called Route of the Thousand Kasbahs and different valleys to the south of the High Atlas, especially the Todra Valley, the Valley of the Roses, and of course, the Dades Valley.. Many of these circuits start from Marrakech and head south, to the Sahara desert, which it is necessary to go through here.

But it is not just a mere step procedure, but this section of the Dades is included in the tours because in this environment there are truly spectacular places. Without going any further, the Todra Gorges, located near the town of Tinghir. But other places not too far away are also worth mentioning, such as the ksar of Ait Ben Haddou, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Or small charming Berber towns, such as Agdz, where some of our circuits spend the night so that our visitors can spend the night in traditional riads.

So if you want to see and explore this winding road in Morocco, as well as the places of interest in its surroundings, you can contact our agency Best Morocco Travel and organize a tailor-made trip.

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