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Erg Chegaga

Erg Chegaga, what is it, where is it and what to do

Erg Chegaga, what is it, where is it and what to do

Erg Chegaga is one of those corners of the Moroccan desert that impact and excite any traveler. If you have heard of this place but do not know exactly what it is and where it is, pay attention to the following lines, where we explain it to you in detail.

Erg Chegaga

What and where is Erg Chegaga

As you may already know, “erg” is a word used to refer to a sandy area of the desert, that is, to the famous dunes that come to mind when we think of the Sahara… despite the fact that in reality the vast majority of This desert is stony in Moroccan soil.

Therefore, Erg Chegag a is an area of large dunes of fine golden sand, shaped by the action of the wind and which, precisely for this reason, are not immutable and change over time. Its contemplation is an authentic experience, since it gives the impression of being an immense sea that covers the entire view.

Erg Chegaga is located in southern Morocco, a few tens of kilometers as the crow flies from the Algerian border, in the province of Zagora. In fact, it is not very far from this town that gives it its name. Therefore, Erg Chegaga is often also known as the “Zagora desert”. Nearby, there is also a section of the Draa river, whose valley is home to numerous tourist attractions.

If we take Marrakech as a reference, Erg Chegaga is about 450 km away. This is considerably less than the number that separates Marrakech from the Merzouga desert (more than 550 km), where another famous dune area is located: Erg Chebbi. Therefore, the excursion to the desert of Zagora and Erg Chegaga is an interesting option for those who do not have enough time to get to Merzouga.

erg chegaga

Things to do in Erg Chigaga

In Erg Chegaga you can experience all the magic of the Sahara desert. For example, taking a dromedary ride through the dunes, since this ‘means of transport’ is also the most suitable for getting around here. However, getting around in a 4×4 is another alternative option for those who prefer to enjoy these motor vehicles. Of course, in this place it is also possible to contemplate an incomparable sunset and sunrise or sleep in a tent camp, from where the contemplation of the stars is unbeatable.

And those who have enough time can add visits to other interesting places in the area. Without going any further, the town of Zagora, where the daily life of its people adapts to the particularities of the desert. In addition, the round trip to Erg Chegaga is an experience in itself, forming a road trip to remember. Morocco Tourism can take care of all this and much more: our agency organizes numerous trips and excursions to Erg Chegaga, especially from Marrakech. If you want to enjoy a trip through this special corner of the Sahara, you just have to contact us.

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