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Erg Chebbi

Erg Chebbi, what is it, where is it and what to do

Erg Chebbi, what is it, where is it and what to do

Getting to Erg Chebb i is the great aspiration of many people who travel to Morocco. Why? In this post we tell you what it is and where it is, and above all we explain why it is so special and what activities can be done here.

Erg Chebbi

What is Erg Chebbi and where is it?

In the post dedicated to Erg Chegaga we told you that erg is the local word used to refer to a sandy area of the desert, fine grained and golden: what we commonly know as a dune. These types of spaces are rare in Morocco, where the Sahara desert is mainly stony ( hamada ).

Perhaps because of this and because of its size, and certainly because of its beauty, Erg Chebbi is one of the favorite destinations for any traveler. In fact, it is the largest erg in the country, with approximately 28 km in length in a north-south direction and a width that reaches 5 km in some sections. In addition, its sand elevations, in continuous formation, can measure up to 150 meters in some points.

Erg Chebbi is located in the southeast of Morocco, not far from the Algerian border. The town that acts as the ‘gateway’ is Merzouga, whose name is also used to refer to this space (Merzouga desert). From Marrakech, the route exceeds 550 km, so it is common to come here in a circuit of at least three or four days.

Erg Chebbi

Things to do in Erg Chebbi

In Erg Chebbi, the practically non-existence of civilization (except for the tent camp and some Berber settlements on its perimeter) mean that the list of activities is not very extensive, but all the options are lived with maximum intensity:

Dromedary ride through the dunes: it is the most traditional means of transport, and the best to enjoy the surroundings

• Route in 4×4 to feel the adrenaline of the great rallies in the desert

• Berber evening in the traditional tent camp: typical dinner and breakfast, where there is no shortage of Berber tea and local preparations, such as a


Enjoy the immaculate sky of the desert, in its three most special moments: the sunset with its orange lights, the night with its explosion of stars in the firmament and the dawn with its overwhelming stillness

• Spiritual sessions of disciplines such as yoga or meditation, which find here an incomparable setting for their practice

• Photographic safari to capture the magical colors of the dunes and the striking contrast of the sand with the few remains of vegetation or with the dark stones on the margins of Erg Chebbi

• Coexistence with Berber families who still maintain certain nomadic habits and display a great capacity to adapt to such an inhospitable place.

If you want to travel to Erg Chebbi, you can put yourself in the hands of Turismo Maroc: we are an expert agency in circuits through the desert, and we will make you enjoy not only this great space of dunes, but also all the way there and back, either by the route of the Thousand Kasbahs, the Ziz Valley or the Dades Valley.

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