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Christmas in Morocco what to do

Christmas in Morocco what to do

Christmas in Morocco what to do

Are you looking for a fascinating destination to spend your mini-vacations at the end of the year? So, an interesting idea is to organize a Christmas trip to Morocco, extending the stay until New Year’s Eve to experience the magic of that day in the Sahara desert. In the following lines we explain the Moroccan Tourism proposal that, however, you can modify according to your needs and preferences. We are totally flexible!

Christmas in Morocco what to do

Christmas in Morocco: how it is celebrated

Christmas in Morocco is not celebrated with the passion and the display of means that is done in Christian countries: its official religion is Islam, in which these dates do not become holidays. Therefore, you will not find typical Christmas decorations or lighting on the streets. However, there is nothing to prevent a private celebration of these Christian holidays, which commemorate the birth of Jesus.

Where is Christmas celebrated in Morocco?

Therefore, the celebration of Christmas in Morocco is limited to Christian churches and hotels, and other private spaces where special dinners and night dancing are organized. Since the There are still Christian churches in places like Tangier or Tetouan where you may go to the customary Misa del Gallo because the French and Spanish stayed in the north of the country until the middle of the previous century. In other big cities like Casablanca, where the presence of Christian citizens is greater, it is also common to find private parties. In rural areas, on the other hand, this type of celebration is practically non-existent.

And after Christmas what?

You can continue your journey after December 25 if you are fortunate enough to have a few extra days off, up until the following Western holiday: New Year’s Eve. And as with Christmas, December 31 does not represent a significant date for Muslims either: let’s remember that the Islamic calendar is lunar, so its end and beginning of the year is different. In 2018 it was celebrated on September 11, for example.

In any case, traveling to Morocco at the end of the year is common among many travelers, so events and leisure proposals are scheduled for them. Among all of them, the option to celebrate New Year’s Eve and New Year in the Sahara desert stands out. In this magical environment, typical Berber rituals are carried out, based on fire, to which the African rhythms of the local inhabitants are added. And when midnight arrives, the toast and the grapes cannot be missing, which reminds travelers of the change of day, month, and year… Otherwise, that moment would go unnoticed amid the ancestral rites and the fantastic mantle of stars from the sky!

And between one festivity and another, the travel proposals are numerous, as you can see in our Routes section. One that can inspire you is Wonders of Morocco, 10 days, departing from Tangier. But in Best Morocco Travel we adapt to each client so that we can complete the days that go from December 26 to 30 in the most interesting way. Contact us!

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