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Best riads in Marrakech

Best riads in Marrakech

Best riads in Marrakech

Staying in one of the best riads in Marrakech is one of the experiences not to be missed in the ‘Red City’. These traditional houses or palaces are a haven of peace and are decorated in a beautiful Moroccan style. Its interior patio, the tiles, the rooms with that exotic touch, the fountain where you can hear the running water, the smell of freshly made msemen or rghaif …
Sleeping in a hotel is cheaper than in a riad, but you lose the opportunity to rest in charming accommodation, where the richest people in the city used to live. Some even have a pool and spa, a very good option if you travel in summer to get away from the heat for a few hours.

Best riads in Marrakech
As there are hundreds of riads in Marrakech, I leave you the recommendations (where I personally would stay and book it for our clients), both in the medina and near the El Badi Palace and the Bahia Palace. I have also included several options for riads in Marrakech with a spa in case you fancy a relaxing plan to end the day. Before starting, I leave you here the best excursions from Marrakech in case you dare to know the surroundings. And now yes, let’s go to trouble!

What is a riad in Marrakech?

If you are going to travel to Marrakech, you will most likely have heard of the famous riads. But what is special about these accommodations? They are traditional Moroccan houses with an interior patio where there is usually a fountain.
Typically, they have a minimum of two floors and are a true oasis in the city. After the bustle that awaits you in places like the Marrakech souk, I assure you that arriving at your riad is a haven of peace. Its Moroccan-style decoration is beautiful and some riads in Marrakech have a pool and spa (I’ll tell you about my favorites later).

The Arab culture highly values ​​their privacy, so instead of having many windows to the outside, they give priority to the interior patio where they live together and spend long hours of the day. It is there where you will most likely be served breakfast and where we were greeted with a mint tea that tasted heavenly.

6 reasons to sleep in a Riad in Marrakech

1 – It is a typical Moroccan accommodation. in Marrakech I recommend you sleep in a riad since it is the most typical accommodation in the country. They are more expensive than a hotel but there are some riads cheaper, but for me, it is more than worth paying a little more to live the experience. In this interview, the owners of Riad Azcona told us how they set up their riad in Marrakech from scratch, in case you’re interested.

2 – The attention is personalized. The riads in Marrakech have few rooms, so you will not have to wait long at the reception and you will be able to have a more direct and close relationship with their owners. They will give you a lot of advice on the places to see in Marrakech.

3 – The breakfasts in the riads are delicious. We still remember the msemen pancakes that we had every day with jam (simple, but pure vice). In addition, typical Moroccan breakfasts are served in the riads (no continental dishes), so the experience is even more authentic.

4 – The decoration is wonderful. In these traditional houses or palaces used to live the richest people in the city. As you can imagine, they decorated the riads with great taste (the tiles are a jewel) and they invested a lot of money to make their house very stately. Many have been restored to become guest houses, but have kept the traditional decoration.

5 – Many riads in Marrakech have a pool and/or spa. The pool is especially important if you travel to Marrakech in summer since the sun is really hot. As for the traditional hammam, any time of the year is a good time to take a relaxing bath and enjoy a massage with Argan oil. Don’t you think?

6 – Think about your plans in the city. If a riad with a spa is too much for your budget, but you want to live this typical experience in Morocco, another option is to stay in a riad without a spa and book this bath in a traditional hammam. This is how you remove the thorn stuck.

Best riads in Marrakech (with pool)

Riad Be Marrakech

One of the best riads in Marrakech is the Riad Les Nuits de Marrakech. Its decoration is in the traditional Moroccan style and it is next to Jemaa el-Fna Square. It has a swimming pool with a hot tub and the views from its terrace of the Marrakech medina are impressive.
This riad also has a dining room where you can try some of the most typical Moroccan dishes and five luxury suites. It occupies an old 17th-century mansion and is one of our favorite options to sleep in Marrakech

Riad Dar Anika

Riad Dar Anika is another of the riads that I recommend in the Marrakech medina. It is a 2-minute walk from Jemaa el-Fnaa Square. Its rooms are spacious and beautifully decorated in Moroccan style.
Riad Dar Anika also has a terrace with panoramic views of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, a heated indoor pool, and a restaurant where you can try traditional food. If you stay more than 3 nights, the airport transfer service is free.

Riad Les Jardins de la Koutoubia, one of the best riad in Marrakech

Another of the riads in Marrakech with the best location is the Les Jardins de la Koutoubia. It is located 2 minute walk from Jemaa el-Fna Square and is a real beauty. It has a swimming pool, and a terrace with views of the medina, and the rooms are decorated in a traditional modern style, it’s mixed.
The interior patio is very pleasant to have mint tea and the breakfasts are traditional Moroccan. It also has a lounge with a fireplace and is very central to exploring the most interesting places in the city on foot.

Riad Anjar Marrakech

One of the best areas to stay in Marrakech is near the Jemaa el-Fna Square, which is why I am including many riads with this location. Riad Anjar is also very close to this famous square, a 5-minute walk away, and is an oasis in the heart of Marrakech’s medina.
The riad’s rooms are decorated in Moroccan style, it has a roof terrace with sun loungers, a swimming pool, and a lounge area. They serve typical Moroccan breakfast on the terrace, on the patio, or in the rooms (the patio would be my first choice for breakfast) and it has a dining room with a fireplace.

Riad Itrane, one of the most charming Riad in Marrakech

Riad Itrane is one of our favorites. It has a very good location, a 4-minute walk from Jemaa el Fna Square, and has a heated pool, several solariums with views of the medina, a living room, and sun loungers to rest after one day of walking non-stop.
The rooms are so beautiful, decorated in the Moroccan style of course, and have views of the Atlas Mountains and the medina. It has 3 patios where you can have breakfast, one of them with a fireplace, and they offer a 24-hour reception and laundry service.

The Best riads in Marrakech with spa

Riad el Fenn

One of the best-reviewed riads in Marrakech is Riad el Fenn. It is a luxury riad less than 10 Minutes walk from the Bahia Palace. Jemaa el-Fna Square is a 2-minute walk away.
The decoration of this riad is wonderful and it has a spa with a hammam and massage room, a heated pool with fountains, a solarium, and a restaurant.
It also has a roof terrace where you can enjoy the views of the Atlas Mountains and have some drinks, rest on the sun loungers, relax in the hot tub or order a drink. Mint tea is not very refreshing, by the way, we leave you here Morocco Travel Guide in case you want to take a look if you want to plan a trip to Morocco).

Riad Nashira & Spa

If you are looking for a riad in Marrakech with a spa, take note of the Riad Nashira & Spa. It is a 6-minute walk from Ben Youssef Madrasa and a 15-minute walk from Jemaa el-Fna Square and the Bahia Palace.
The rooms in this riad also feature traditional Moroccan -style décor and a central patio. They serve breakfast on the terrace and have a rooftop pool and hot tub. The views of the Atlas mountains from the terrace are beautiful.

Riad Anya & Spa

It is difficult to choose just one riad in Marrakech because there are hundreds of options. But if you have to choose where to stay the next time you return to Marrakech, probably one of our first options would be the Riad Anya & Spa.
This riad is beautiful. It has a pool in the central courtyard, all wooden doors, and balconies, and is a true oasis in the heart of Marrakech. It is a few minutes from the El Badi Palace and the Bahia Palace, it has a rooftop terrace with a heated pool and views of the medina, and the rooms have traditional Moroccan decorations.

In addition, it has a hammam and massage service and they serve a buffet breakfast on the terrace, on the patio, or in the rooms. It also has a traditional lounge with a fireplace and a sitting room with books.

Riad le Rihani

Finally, I want to recommend Riad le Rihani. It is located in the medina of Marrakech, a few minute’s walk to the El Badi Palace, and is very close to Jemaa el-Fna Square. It is decorated with Berber materials, such as clay, baked bricks, or natural stone, and is a true oasis.
The Riad le Rihani. It has an interior patio with a fountain, a flowered pergola on the terrace, a rooftop swimming pool, a Moroccan lounge, and traditionally decorated rooms. As a picture is worth a thousand words, we have a little more to add. This would be another of our first options for riads in Marrakech.

Tips for choosing your Riad in Marrakech

1 – Don’t stay in a hotel. Regardless of whether you are going to spend 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, or 5 days in Marrakech, I recommend you sleep in a riad instead of an impersonal hotel. The riads have infinitely more charm, the atmosphere is very calm and they are the typical Moroccan accommodation par excellence.

2 – Choose the location of your riad well. For me, the best location is near Jemaa el-Fna Square. You’ll also be close to the main sights if you stay near El Badi Palace or the Bahia Palace. On the other hand, I would not sleep near the Majorelle Garden (it is 2.6 km from Jemaa el-Fna Square) or in the modern area of ​​Gueliz. Since you are in Morocco, it is much better (and more authentic) to sleep in the medina.

3 – Sleep in a riad with a pool. It all depends on the plans you have. But if you travel in summer, without a doubt I recommend a riad with a pool because it is very hot and you will appreciate taking a dip to cool off. Riads with hammams are also an interesting option if you feel like giving yourself a relaxing massage.
4 – Enjoy the Moroccan breakfast. Traditional Moroccan breakfasts are simple but exquisite for my taste. I still remember how good I had for breakfast in the riad in Marrakech, the msemen pancakes with jam, the bread, the tea… In fact, the more I write about Marrakech, the more I want to return to the ‘Red City’.

5 – Have a mint tea in the inner courtyard. We were welcomed with mint tea on the interior patio of the riad and I can’t think of a better start to the trip. Stroll through all the corners of the Riad, look at its decoration, and chat with the owners of the accommodation. It is an experience that we are sure you will remember for the rest of your life.
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