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best hotels in Marrakech

5 Best Luxury Hotels in Marrakech

Best Luxury Hotels in Marrakech

Morocco is a colorful, contrasted, and mysterious country. Who wouldn’t be drawn to a bit of this vibrant culture? By 2022, Morocco hopes to have welcomed more than 20 million visitors annually. Currently, there are about 11 million visitors a year. This reflects the great effort that this country is making to open up to tourism.

Marrakech also called “The Red City” is the most visited city in all of Morocco and is part, along with Rabat, Fes, and Meknes, of the “imperial cities” of Morocco. Marrakech is a place where the past and the present merge in beautiful harmony. It is a charming and wonderful location that directs your senses; it is a vibrant, enthusiastic location that will enthrall your soul. The architecture, design, and dining experiences present in this beautiful culture are truly second to none. Marrakech is also well-equipped for tourism, providing a wide range of amenities. In addition to being a beautiful monumental city, we can appreciate the country’s rich gastronomy in upscale restaurants and enjoy the Moroccan night in select nightclubs.

best hotels in Marrakech

Marrakech is without a doubt the top tourist destination in Morocco, and many of the best places to stay in Marrakech have become destinations in their own right. The city offers more than a touch of exoticism and romance, with its ancient souks, fascinating Medina, and old buildings – many of which have been converted into atmospheric riads and hotels.

When looking at the trends in the hospitality industry today, we as travelers are always looking for rich and meaningful cultural experiences that will leave us with the most vivid of memories. Marrakech guarantees to provide that. In recent years, large luxury chains such as the Four Seasons and the Sofitel are increasingly present in the country. We also have a wide range of riads for all tastes and prices, from the most modest to incredible palaces with all kinds of services.

So the real question is, where to stay during our stay in Marrakech? This time we are going to discover the best luxury hotels in this city.

The greatest lodging options are typically found in or close to the Medina. There are also some lovely hotels on the outskirts of the city, some of which are included on our list.

These are some of the top hotel choices in Marrakech if you’re searching for a luxurious experience. They’ll let you experience Moroccan hospitality in the red city’s most opulent and exclusive setting.

Some of the best Hotels in Marrakech

Royal Mansour

Royal Mansour, located within the walls of the old town of Marrakech, is an oasis of elegant riads, quiet courtyards, and restaurants with an intimate atmosphere. Concentrated around the main courtyard with fountains and colorful mosaics, the hotel has an art gallery and a quiet spot for afternoon tea. There are three restaurants under the guidance of Michelin- starred chef Yannick Alléno: French haute cuisine, traditional Moroccan, and international cuisine at La Table. The service is specialized and discreet: there is an underground system of tunnels that leads to the individual riads of the guests, which only the staff can access, which ensures absolute privacy and tranquility.

La Mamounia

In this hotel paradise of countless stars and unsuspected luxuries, there is a place that stands out for its historical value, the luxurious La Mamounia hotel. Conceived in 1923 by the architects Prost and Marchisio, the La Mamounia hotel is undoubtedly not just an accommodation, but one of the most interesting monuments in the beautiful and enigmatic city of Marrakech. To its singular architectural line, which combines the traditional Moroccan style with Art Deco with refinement, it is added that this hotel was renovated in 2006 to get even closer to the values that a visitor who knows how to value luxury demands today. This architectural jewel currently has 136 rooms, seven suites of up to 212 square meters, and three independent riads with several rooms and a private pool. The renovation has maintained respectful fidelity to the traditional values of La Mamounia, keeping intact, for example, the Churchill Bar where you can enjoy a relaxed drink and an extensive list of cigars. Like a star Staying at La Mamounia is a treat that we should indulge in at least once in our lives.

Four Seasons Marrakech

The Four Seasons, arguably the most upscale family resort in Marrakech, combines elegance and luxury amidst stunning gardens and scenery. It’s a hotel that beckons you to stay, escape the city, and take advantage of all its amenities. It is Moroccan looking with a very western feel. From a distance, it looks like a set of kasbahs, but up close it brings together all the western luxury of this luxury hotel chain. Located in the center of the city, it provides everything guests need to enjoy any type of trip, be it a long or short stay, relaxed or charged with emotions.

Palais Namaskar

A crowning achievement on over 10 acres of pristine seclusion, tranquil lakes, and awe-inspiring panoramas, Namaskar Palace explores new dimensions of hospitality indulging guests with unmatched – spaciousness, self-determination, and regal grandeur to create an experience truly unique. Located between the Atlas Mountains and the Djebilet Hills, the Palais Namaskar offers rooms, suites, villas, and palaces. The décor is a vibrant blend of oriental-inspired architecture that infuses Feng Shui principles into a contemporary designed interior. Almost all residences offer a private pool or outdoor jacuzzi and the palaces offer up to 4 bedrooms.

The Sultana Marrakech

In the heart of the Golden Triangle, at the foot of the Saadian Tombs and close to the famous Jemaa El Fna square and the Bahia Palace. It is an authentic 5 * luxury Hotel, it is a true timeless palace and a proud member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World and Great Hotels of the World. Designed for lovers of hotels in which each piece of architecture is unique.

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