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the 5 best gardens in Morocco

The 5 Best Gardens in Morocco

Best Gardens in Morocco

The garden is a very important architectural and landscape element in Morocco and in Islam in general. For its symbology but also for the atmosphere and beauty it evokes. In this post, we explain it to you in detail and we show you a list of the 5 best gardens in Morocco, some of which will be very handy if you make your trip with our agency.

Importance of the garden in Islam and in Morocco

In Islamic societies, the garden is a symbol of the paradise that awaits good Muslims. It evokes it in the earthly world and announces what may be in store for the faithful in the Hereafter.

One element stands out above all: water. It not only purifies but also promotes the fertility of the surrounding land, however barren it may seem. And also, provides a note of freshness, so valued in these latitudes. This water can be present in the form of a fountain or a pool in the center, often as the intersection of two channels that, in this way, remind one of the four streams of the Garden of Earthly Delights mentioned in the Koran.

Water, on the other hand, activates all the senses: in addition to its visual beauty, it delights with the sound of its flowing and makes possible the existence of vegetation, which in turn provides an extraordinary mixture of aromas and colors. A scheme and concept that is repeated in most Moroccan gardens, from the humblest in small riads to the most majestic, often owned by kings in their residential palaces.

However, although all these ideas are valid for gardens of the Islamic tradition, they can also be applied to other green spaces created more recently in the country, often promoted by owners with other motivations but with a similar result: the delight of the senses.

the 5 best gardens in Morocco

The 5 Best Gardens in Morocco

There are many gardens in Morocco, and very varied. Therefore, choosing the top 5 is not an easy task. In any case, we are sure that these that we present to you would well deserve to be part of a ranking of such a category:

• Menara Gardens: in Marrakech. It is a space with history, as they were built in the Almohad period (12th century). Large in size, its olive trees, and its central pond stand out

• Majorelle Gardens: in Marrakech. Private space

created in his house by the French painter Jacques Majorelle. They were a source of inspiration for the author, as well as a space of peace

• Anima André Heller Garden: in Marrakech.

Surprising green space located on the outskirts of the city, created by the Austrian André Heller, where art mixes with nature

• Jnan Sbil Garden: in Fes. The favorite of the inhabitants of the city, as it is an oasis of color and tranquility

• Ain Asserdoun Gardens: in Beni Mellal. it is a space created around a natural spring that local citizens have protected since time immemorial.

Without a doubt, walking through these Moroccan gardens will be a magnificent choice that will allow you to understand the importance attached by local citizens to these natural corners.

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