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Best Beaches in Morocco

Best Beaches in Morocco

Best Beaches in Morocco

Although we have already dedicated other posts in this blog to the best beaches in Morocco and, there were still some in the pipeline… and they will continue to remain after this article since this North African country is one of the countries with the most kilometers of coastline in Africa: more than 1,800! For this reason, there are innumerable bathing areas, often hidden and virgin, where you can take a quality dip. In the following lines, we present five that, for some reasons and others, will attract your attention.

Best Beaches in Morocco

Nador: a benchmark in sun and beach tourism

Very close to Melilla, the city of Nador cannot boast of being one of the most exotic and historic, but it can claim to be one of the best prepared for summer tourism, with some of the most interesting beaches in Mediterranean Morocco. The promenade, renovated and decorated with rows of palm trees, overlooks the Mar Chica, a natural lagoon of ecological interest where Boqueronesa Beach is located. But the best bathing areas are further east, like Kariat Arkmane.

Cala Iris, in the Al Hoceima National Park

Cala Iris is one of those beaches in Morocco that still preserves the local atmosphere of always. Located at the western end of the Al Hoceima National Park, it is not exploited by mass tourism. In low season, the presence of bathers is very rare, and during the holiday season, it is filled with humble beach bars and Moroccan families who enjoy this environment of great environmental beauty, where the islet of Cala Iris stands out and its landscape of canyons and coastal ravines.

Mirleft: the most deserted (and desert) beaches in Morocco

At the other end of the country, further south of Agadir, you will discover some fascinating Moroccan beaches. For example, in Mirleft, with numerous bathing areas sheltered by cliffs that seem to play with the seashore. This is the case of El Gezira (or Legzira), one of the most photogenic due to its reddish color. A solo bath is easy here, as is angling.

Guelmim, the white beach of the Atlantic

If El Gezira is known as the red beach, white is the color evoked by the immense dunes that surround Guelmim beach. Located further south, on the way to Tan Tan and the territory of Western Sahara, it has few tourist complexes far from the coast, which do not break the charm of the place, where silence and the sound of the Atlantic breeze dominate.

Sale-Rabat, the beach of the capital Rabat

It is neither the largest nor the quietest of the Moroccan beaches. Quite the opposite. But if you want to take a dip surrounded by local people, this is a good option. You will find it crowded in high season, but it will help you cool off after visiting the capital Rabat. You will enjoy the best views of this bathing area from the Kasbah of the Udayas.

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