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Berber pizza

Berber pizza Madfouna, what it is like and where to eat it

Berber pizza Madfouna

This section of the Best Morocco Travel website is looking more and more like a cooking blog… for the enjoyment of the most gourmet travelers. In previous posts we have dedicated space to Ras el Hanout, Harira or Chebakia. And now it is the turn of one of the backpackers’ favorite dishes, although it can also be prepared in a very refined way: we are talking about Berber pizza or Madfouna. Below we explain what it consists of and where you can eat it.

Berber pizza

Berber pizza or Madfouna: what is it

As its name indicates, the Madfouna is a typical dish of Moroccan gastronomy that, due to its circular shape and ingredients, is reminiscent of a pizza. It is called ‘Berber’ because it is very popular among the members of this culture, especially in the desert. And indeed, it is often referred to as ‘desert pizza’ as well.

Actually, it would be more correct to call it ’empanada’, since its flour and wheat semolina dough completely covers the ingredients on both sides, which form a filling. These ingredients can be, depending on the variant, minced beef, lard, vegetables (carrots, onions, etc.), hard-boiled eggs, toasted almonds… and many other foods. And of course, spices that give it a unique touch: turmeric, coriander, black pepper, ginger, etc.

Another important detail that should be mentioned about the Madfouna is its production method. At home it can be done in an electric oven, but in restaurants it can be done in a wood oven, which gives it a special flavor. And those who want to eat it as before should opt for the burial method: by making a hole in the sand, hot embers are placed and the pizza is placed on them. Then everything is covered and one side is allowed to brown in contact with said embers. After that, the hole is dug up, the Berber pizza is turned over and the other side is browned. Without wrapping it in anything! Therefore, the last step is to thoroughly shake the mass to remove all the sand that might remain.

Where to eat berber pizza

As we said, Berber pizza is a typical desert dish. Therefore, in the southernmost towns, located in the middle of the desert, it is possible to find it easily. For example, in the traditional Rissani market, as we indicated in this post. Or in the Tafilalet oasis, where it has become a tourist attraction. It is also possible to taste it in the middle of the desert, cooked in the tent camps or even at a stop along the way during the route.

And for those who wish to taste Madfouna in a calmer and more relaxed way, there are many traditional Moroccan restaurants that include it in their menu, not necessarily in the desert. For example, in Marrakech or Agadir.

If you travel with Best Morocco Travel, don’t worry: we will help you find the best Berber pizza during your program, either in the heart of the desert or in another urban destination on your circuit. One of your vacation highlights will be!

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