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andalusian neighborhood of Fes

What is the Andalusian Neighborhood of Fes

What is the Andalusian Neighborhood of Fes

Perhaps you have heard that the Andalusian neighborhood of Fes is one of the great tourist attractions of this city in northern Morocco. But what does that mean? A colony of emigrants from southern Spain? A neighborhood where Andalusian culture and folklore reign? Actually, neither one thing nor the other: in this post we will tell you what it is and what is meant by ‘Andalusian neighbourhood’ in Fes.

andalusian neighborhood of Fes

The Andalusian term and its confusion with Andalusian

First of all, it must be said that talking about an Andalusian neighborhood in Fes is a mistake… although a very widespread and accepted mistake in tourist terms, so it has been normalized. Actually, the correct thing to do would be to talk about the Andalusian neighborhood of Fes. We see the difference between both terms, to understand it better:

• Andalusian: natural or belonging to al-Andalus or Muslim Spain (in the Middle Ages)

• Andalusian: natural or belonging to Andalusia, autonomous community of Spain

Therefore, the Andalusian neighborhood of Fes is the one that originated in the 9th century and, indeed, arose due to the reception of thousands of citizens of Al-Andalus (between 8,000 and 20,000 families, according to some sources) who emigrated mainly from Córdoba for blame for the conflicts that broke out in Al- Andalus, at that time an important Umayyad emirate.

In their emigration, they brought with them the traditions and art that they had ‘sucked’ in their place of origin, which was also one of the most culturally flourishing places in the entire Muslim world.

Main points of interest in the Andalusian neighborhood of Fes

Undoubtedly, the most important monument in the Andalusian neighborhood of Fes is the Mosque of the Andalusians, so called because it is located here and because it was built by Andalusians who emigrated from Al-Andalus. Its whitewashed architecture is striking and, above all, its striking green roof, both in the minaret and in the rest of the construction. It was enlarged and reformed on various occasions, and its main door from the 13th century also stands out.

It cannot be visited inside as a tourist, as it is restricted for believers to pray, but it is a good place to start a tour of the neighborhood, not as bustling as other areas of the medina, which makes it easy to discover anecdotes and secrets from that time when Fes was one of the main Andalusian cities of the emirate and later the Umayyad Caliphate of Córdoba. Another of the neighborhood’s attractions, although from a later period, is the es-Sahrij madrasa, from the 14th century and with a simple but harmonious architecture.

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