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The 5 Best palaces in Morocco

The 5 Best Palaces in Morocco

Best Palaces in Morocco

Morocco is a country with a very extensive monarchical tradition, as it has practically only been ruled by kings throughout its history. And that leaves an interesting legacy for today’s travelers: many amazing royal palaces have survived, some of them still used by the Alawite Royal Family. Other buildings, on the other hand, were built by important figures from the court or the hierarchical network of the country, and they are no less sumptuous. In this post, we have proposed to show you the best palaces in Morocco, although we are aware that many others are left off the list.

The 5 Best palaces in Morocco

Fes Royal Palace

For many, this is the best palace in Morocco… although it cannot be visited inside. However, reaching its exterior and staying at the gates is by no means a waste of time: its Golden Gates are a monument in itself! The complex was built in the 14th century and the golden color of its entrance is given by the bronze used, framed by green and blue ceramics, so characteristic of the city. It is, by the way, in the vicinity of the Mellah or Jewish quarter, a sign of the close relationship that always existed between this community and the monarch.

Marrakech Bahia Palace

This is not exactly a royal palace, but rather the former residence of Ba Ahmed, Grand Vizier to Sultans Moulay Hassan and Abd al-Aziz at the end of the 19th century. His name refers to “the beautiful” or “the favorite” of the grand vizier, who had his apartment inside. Even though the rooms are practically devoid of furniture, one can still appreciate the sumptuousness of the whole, built to a large extent with Italian marble and where the flowery patios are dazzling.

The 5 Best palaces in Morocco

Dar al-Majzen in Rabat, the main palace of Morocco

It is the official residence of the current King of Morocco and, for that alone, it is worth going to its door… although you will not be able to access the interior, of course, for security reasons. Its large arch at the entrance is striking, framed in the alfiz with rich geometric ceramic decoration, thus forming a grandiose triumphal arch at the entrance. The whole set exudes harmony and elegant sumptuousness.

Royal Palace of Tetouan

This is another of the palaces in Morocco that is worth photographing. It overlooks Plaza Hassan II, at the gates of the medina declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. It is from the 19th century, in the Hispano- Muslim style, and its whiteness does not clash with the main color of this city, which here has only been interrupted by its elegant stone main entrance. It was, mainly, the residence of the High Commissioner, the representative of the sultan in times of the Spanish Protectorate in the century.

Glaoui Palace of Fes

We end this list with the 5 best palaces in Morocco with this one from Thami el Glaoui, pasha of Marrakech at the beginning of the 20th century and one of the most important and influential figures in the country in that period. He built it in Fes as his own residence when he stopped in this city. It can be visited inside and, although it has an air of a certain decadence, it allows one to imagine the splendor that this building reached, with a beautiful interior patio whose wooden beams are a masterpiece of joinery. In addition, it had the honor of being the first in the country to enjoy electricity and air conditioning.

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